Monday, July 28, 2008

Good Time...Bad Times

What a weekend. What a weekend.
I have been looking forward to this weekend since I scheduled to teach back in June. I taught two classes Saturday at Just 4 Keeps in Edmond. I LOVE to teach. LOVE IT. So besides getting to do that, I also got to crop with all my Edmond girls! It was a blast as usual! No layouts done, but it doesn't matter! I can't even put into words how good it was to spend time with everyone. I didn't even leave until 11pm! FUN!
Eric, Rene, and Brodey went to Holdenville while I was in Edmond so we could go to the lake this weekend. So instead of driving back to Tahlequah, I drove to Holdenville. I didn't get to the lake until about 12:45 or 1. We all played horseshoes and went to bed.
We get up the next morning around 10 and we are messing around outside. Eric happens to look over and notice my car is gone. Of course at first we think no way it has to be a joke. So we went and woke up Tyler (Ally's boyfriend) and asked him if he put the car anywhere. He was like NO! WHY!?! We were like oh my gosh. My car is gone. It's really gone. I, of course, start crying. I LOVE my car. LOVE it. I picked it out and I love it. Well I guess I should say loved it. (I'm actually getting emotional typing aobut it.)
We called the police and they came out so we could report it. While we were making out the report the officer got a call in that someone had found it...and it was burned. I'm freaking out "like burnt?!?! What do you mean burnt!?!? Why would someone do that?!?! Are you sure it's MY car??!?!" Someone had found it somewhere way out and so Eric, Tyler, and Ally went to look. There was no way I could go. No way I wanted to see the car I loved so much like that. So I went to Eric's mom's. I called Ally after a while and asked her about it and she was like "oh my gosh April. It's gone. It's all burned up. Someone burned it up and threw beer cans all in it. I'm so sorry." I can't even understand why someone would do that. It's just so dumb. People have no respect for others.
We have been going to the lake for years and nothing like this has happened to us. We had some beer, watermelons, and food stolen several weeks ago and once we had a homeade porta-potty stolen. (That was before we had a camper LOL) This stuff happens to other people. I guess it was just wrong place wrong time. It's just so stupid to me. I can't even imgaine what would make someone do that other than some kind of substance. Someome said that in town someone's vehicle was vandalized and a car at Wewoka lake was stolen and burned. Who knows if it was the same person, but they need to find a hobby.
I was totally looking forward to this weekend. The first part was awesome, and the second part not so much. Jen was like "see you should have stayed the night!" I sure should have! I'm just so glad I didn't really have anything in there. There were a few movies, toys, and stuff but that's it. THANK GOSH I stopped by Eric's and dumped out my scrap stuff from teaching. The inside of my car gets dusty at the lake and I didn't want my stuff yucky. Oh my I shudder to think if that stuff had been in there!! I'll take dusty over burned any day!
The next vehicle I get will NOT be anything anyone wants to steal. No BMW's. I'm stuck in a stinking rental car because someone wanted to be stupid. Okay I'm done being negative. I've had a headache since yesterday and I need to go make dinner. Sorry this post was so down. Hopefully tomorrow will be more entertaining or uplifting! LOL
Good night!


Anonymous said...

April, I'm so sorry someone did that to your beautiful car! I'm glad your scrappy stuff wasn't in it though! Hopefully you will find something you like even better!


~Kim said...


Oh my gosh!! How terrible is that. I simply don't understand why people have to do stupid crap like that. I would be in tears too if I were you!

Hoping tomorrow is a better day for you....I didn't get to meet you at the crop the other hopefully next time!


Cindy said...

OMG, I cannot believe someone took your car!!!! That is crazy.

Sooz said...

Good grief! So sorry about your car. I love my car and would be so upset if that happened. You know the only car my parents ever had anything happen to was in Holdenville. Two men rolled it out of our drive way and went on a joy ride. Fortunately they wrecked it but nothing else. Crazy business!