Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do I Look Smart(ER)?

I finally got my new glasses today! I almost passed out....HAHAHAHA!! I had to say that! LOL Of course I had to take a pic of me in them...trying to look smart. I think I look a little clueless instead, but I'm not taking another one! They are only for reading, though. That's fine with me!

I got Brodey's shirt today from Ollie Kate. It is ADORABLE. I let him open it and he was all excited about it. He had to wear it all day and refused to take it off until he and Eric went swimming tonight. Hopefully he will forget about it until I get it washed!

Every morning at the same time the kitty cats are waiting on us to go outside. Today they were waiting on my AND they were hungry. The raccoon figured out that the kitty food was on the table. I guess that just didn't cut it, because it also dumped out a 40 lb sack of bird seed. Yes it was more than half full. It took forever to clean that up. So I made Eric promise to put it up so we wouldn't have a repeat tonight. Do you think he actually remembered? HA!
Tonight he looks outside and he's like "OH! The mommy raccoon brought a baby with her!"
I'm still mad at her for dumping the sack of seed and I'm like "Oh fabulous. You put up the bird seed...right?"
"Does that mean no you didn't put up the seed?"
He says "Um yeah."
I bring him the dust pan and broom. Not so cute now, right? WRONG!
He's like "So do you not have any cat food left?"
I'm like "NO."
"I like them to come."
"So you like to clean up after them and buy them food?"
"Well I like to watch them."
I'm like "Okay. I'm not cleaning up after them again."
He says "Fine."
So the raccoons and I have called a truce for now. They can come if Eric cleans up after them. Somehow I don't think that will happen.

Everyone disses Wal-Mart, but I've always been a fan. One stop shopping baby! LOL I grew up in Holdenville (population 5,000) and all we had was Wal-Mart. Now I live in Tahlequah and all we have is Wal-Mart. When I wear this necklace, no one believes I got it there! (The dress is from Old Navy) I think it's so cute! You never know what you will find there! ;)
I got a call in for a layout today from Memory Makers. They are doing this in-store pamphlet about organizing your scrap space. It sounds pretty cool! I love the layout I did, so I'm pretty excited! I'm just not sure when it will be out.
Yesterday when we went to Shawnee my mom bought Brodey a new movie. It's Tarzan. The Disney one. We watched it today and I cried at the end. Haha! I forgot how good it is!
Speaking of movies!!! Jen sent me the link today for the new Harry Potter movie. Gosh it looks so good. It's like Christmas watching it and hearing the music gives me goose bumps. It's awesome and I can't wait.
I think Eric and I might actually go to a movie tomorrow night. You are as shocked as I am, I know. If you have any suggestions, send 'em my way. I'm so out of the loop. There was a time when we had seen every movie out PLUS every new release at Blockbuster. Those were the pre-Brodey days!
Well it's late and I better go to bed!
Sleep tight!

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The Christenson's said...

All I have now is Wal-Mart too! :) And we share having pesky critters in our yard. mine=mockingbirds, yours-raccoons! Crazy!