Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's a suuuuunny day!

That's Brodey's new line. "It's a suuuunny day!" He throws his hands up and draws out that uhh sound! It's hilarious!
That's exactly what he said today when we walked outside to go get the mail. He also followed it up with "Momma it's HOT!" I said "yes it is, baby!" He also dressed himself, I might add. Notice the boots, hat, and shades. So funny!
I got a new sewing machine recently and I am a sewin' FOOL! I think I have sewn on the last six layouts I have done. Yes SIX! I'm on a kick! Bro has a tv now in the scrap room and man is it helpful! I get so much done! He actually fell asleep in there last night watching The Jungle Book. I catch myself singing along with it! I still love that movie!
Well I'm going to head to bed. If I can find what Brodey did with the flashlight I might do some late night reading! :)
Until tomorrow!

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