Monday, July 21, 2008

Hello Floor!

I called my mom today and asked "Why can't I just do something normal? Like just go to the eye doctor?" She just laughed and said "I don't know. What happened?" Ha!
The last time I had an eye exam was in 1999. Pathetic, I know. Eric went with me and when the dr put the drops in my body freaked and I almost passed out. I didn't, though! I kept control, but I came pretty close. I can't say that for today.
I got there without a hitch and got back in the room. I warned the dr of what had happened at my last eye exam and he said okay! I had Brodey in my lap and I go through all the exam and then he puts the drops in my eyes. I was nervous from last time, but I was determined not to let it get to me. The drops made my eyes feel weird and that's when my body started reacting. I told the dr I was feeling a little creepy, but I was okay. He did the lights in my eyes and right after he did that I felt REALLY creepy. I said "Oh no I feel it" and it all went black.
I started to come to. I could hear them talking and I realized I was lying on the floor. The poor receptionist was holding my legs up and the dr was holding a wet washcloth over my eyes. When I could talk the first thing I said was "did I drop Brodey?" They said "no no they took him up front." I said "I'm so sorry." I was so embarrased. I DO NOT get embarrased easily, but this did it. I was wearing a dress and THANK GOD I had shaved my legs this morning! LOL
They made me eat some crackers and drink some water and I felt good enough to get up. I sat back down in the chair and within a few seconds I felt it again. He had to put me BACK on the floor until I felt better. Finally I got up and he told me he was watching me after the lights in my eyes and my pupils were HUGE. He said my head just went back and he grabbed Brodey and yelled for the girls up front. They took him while he and another girl got me to the floor. He said I'm the 4th person for that to happen to. That made me feel better!
It's 7pm and I still feel like crap. I feel all nauseous and creepy. NOT a good day. On top of that, I got Eric lunch while I was in town and proceeded to spill my Diet Coke all over myself. There had to be icing on the top of this wonderful cake, right?
Why can't I just have normal days? Go to the dr without a hitch? Cause then I wouldn't have anything to talk about on this blog! HAHAHAHAHA!

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