Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Comic Relief

When ya gotta dance, ya gotta dance! Even in the booth at the Mexican restaurant!
Brodey has no shame. I have to say I'm glad. I have pretty much always been that way and Eric is the exact opposite. Eric wouldn't dance at a DANCE. I don't think Brodey will be that way. He will break it down anywhere if he has a good beat! LOL I really needed some comic relief.

We went to Tulsa last night to see what vehicles the dealerships had. I'm not sure what I want now. I just want something that isn't a rental car. Eric took me out to eat to put me in a better mood. It actually worked. We ate at Los Cabos next to Bass Pro. It's SO GOOD! I'm so glad I bought that little camera to keep in my purse! I wouldn't have those hilarious pics otherwise!

I'm REALLY trying to be positive. It's hard to not revert back to being angry with whomever did it and not feeling paranoid. I have been triple checking the locks on the doors. It's silly now that I type it out. It happened all the way in Holdenville, but it still makes you feel violated. See I'm getting all negative again. I just need to stop it and hope the police find out who did it.
When we got home last night the comic relief continued, although at first Eric DID NOT think it was funny. I had been cleaning out the whirlpool tub (hate those stupid things, by the way) and was in the last stage when I had to leave yeterday. I had left the rinse water in there to finish when I got home. Well I was letting the tub fill back up while I was washing my face and in came Eric thinking he would just take over the situation.
"The water only needs to be right over the jets. Good grief."
I just roll my eyes like usual and let him think whatever he wants.
So I said "Fine. I'm done cleaning it I just need to rinse it again. I think it needs a little more water, though."
Eric the know it all says "NO it's fine."
I'm like okay! So I go over and turn the jets on and water goes EVERYWHERE. It shot into Brodey's face and made him cry. It got all over the walls and window. Eric got soaked. I was so wet that my mascara was running down my face, water was in my ear, and my tank top was SOAKED. Of course Eric yells for me to turn it back off. So I go to turn it off and get even more soaked. As soon as I got it turned off I sat down in the floor and laughed so hard I was crying. It was like a total mix of emotions. It hadn't felt so good to laugh that hard in ages. This weekend had me so tense that it was the best feeling to just let go and laugh it out!
Poor Brodey finally calmed down. My hair was soaked and Eric was mad. I made HIM clean the water up. Guess he won't make comments about the water level the next time I clean it out! Hahaha!!!
One of the only good things to come out of this weekend was Erin showing me her Uppercase Living catalog. She held an open house for a friend of her's and the second I opened the catalog I was HOOKED. I mean hooked. Have you ever used a rub-on and thought man I'd like to supersize that and put it on my wall!?!?! I HAVE!
It's these awesome wall images that are similar to rub-ons. You can put them on just about any surface and they just peel off when you don't want them anymore! I have been trying to figure out what to do with my huge walls that are bare, and this is it! I actually loved it so much I'm selling it! You should check it out. On the right side of my blog there's a link. You have to enter in the ID And TOKEN that I have listed. Pretty soon we will have websites. I'm so excited about this. This came at the perfect time for me. A welcome distraction and hopefully a way for me to meet new people here! If you like what you see, send me an e-mail at massadmomma@yahoo.com!
Well hopefully things will get back to normal soon. I go get my hair done tomorrow! So excited! My parents will meet me and Brodey and I will have a good day!
I'm off to start dinner! Maybe we will swim when Eric gets home! Have a great evening!!

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~Kim said...


Bless your heart! I still can't believe someone stole your car and did that.

Atleast you got to go to Tulsa....Los Cabos is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Tulsa!! My parents live up there so we visit quite often.

I hope you get out of that rental soon...those are never fun to drive!

Hope you don't mind me reading your blog....you are so funny!!

OH WAIT! Congrats on selling Uppercase Living...I knew you were going to sign up when you were going crazy over the catalog. Amy, Erin and I were laughing so hard!