Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We have a new cat.......HA!

I was about to go to sleep tonight and I walk by one of the windows and see that! LOL My first thought was gosh that's a big raccoon! I grew up in the country and have seen my fair share, and this was a big one! I'm whispering to Eric to look and trying to sneek to get my camera at the same time. He, or I guess maybe she, totally cleaned out the continuous feeder! It was so funny. Eric's genius self tried to open the door to get a better pic and he/she ran off. As soon as she was gone here come the cats! So much for defending their territory! LOL That raccoon was bigger than both my kitty cats!
Well enough fun for tonight. I'm headed to bed. I finally feel like my old self again after the date with the floor yesterday. :)

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