Thursday, July 24, 2008

I have Fabulous Friends!

Today was a lonely day. I have days where I REALLY REALLY miss my friends. I get sort of down and miss living in Edmond. I love my home here, but I miss everyone and going to Just 4 Keeps.
To perk me up I'm posting the new book by Memory Makers called Fabulous Friends. That's the book and this is my layout in it:

Those are my friends from high school. I've known most since before preschool. I MISS THEM!!! I miss everyone! :( But posting about it has made me feel better!!
I can't wait until Saturday! I get to finally see everyone! I am teaching two classes at J4K and I am going to stick around and crop! SO SO excited! I never get any layouts done, but who cares! I'm there to visit! I scrap at home by my lonesome! Haha!

The other day when I went to the eye doctor, we went to see Eric at work! Brodey had a lot of fun! Eric cleaned his teeth and he got to clean his own! He LOVED that! None of the girls could believe he sat still long enough or would even open his mouth! We even got x-rays of his teeth! So cute! He is always looking at our teeth with his flashlight. I took a pic of him polishing his own!

LOL He did a pretty good job, too!
I found the most awesome blog through other blogs. (Sorry I can't remember which one!) I'm sure I'm behind on this, but I just had to share! Bloesem Kids is the coolest site I've found in a while! I already bought something from an Etsy shop I found on there. I'll post that tomorrow! You have to check it out! So fun!

Well the raccoon came back last night! Luckily he hasn't found the kitten's food on the table! We are going to wait up for him again tonight. It's fun watching him eat. He can totally see us at the door, but he doesn't even care. The cats will not even come out until he is gone! It's funny!

Well the boys just got out of the pool and I better go rinse Brodey off! Tomorrow is Friday! YEAH!!!! I can't wait for the weekend!

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The Christenson's said...

APRIL! I am right there with ya. I move today and am feeling oh so blue! I have cried more than a few times over leaving this area, this house, these friends, this routine... :(
sigh ...just wanted you to know I am sharing your feelings.
And I miss you!! Love that scrapbook page. Love it, love it, love it. Might have to steal it!! HA!