Thursday, August 19, 2010

If I Loved Poems...

If I loved poems I would write one about teachers. But I don't. Actually I really don't like poems. No offense to any poets out there! ;)
I've said it before and I'll say it again...I REALLY appreciate good teachers! Good, sweet, empathetic teachers that are stern but fair. If you are a poet feel free to write a poem for me about teachers! Haha!
Brodey had another rough day. Being out two days got him all messed up. He woke up crying that he didn't want to go. Eric thinks I'm crazy and mean. (maybe that's a good thing haha) Eric says "why don't you just let him go back to bed and stay home today? It's just pre-k."
I'm like "HELLO! I can't start that! Suck it up soldier! You will be fine once you get there!"
He cried the whole way there. Dried up a little once we started walking in. Then started again when we got into class. Mrs Tuck was totally sympathetic. She knew it was from being out a couple of days. Another kid had come back today from the same thing. She loved on him, picked him up, and made sure I had her cell number. As soon as he was distracted I snuck out.
I knew he would be okay since he did the same thing on Monday, but you still feel a little bad no matter how tough you act! Hey someone has to be tough cause we all know it isn't Eric! ;)
Once I got home I sent her a text so she would have my number if he happened to have a meltdown. She said he was "doing fine and he's a great kiddo." She also sent me this:

It totally brought tears to my eyes. I can't imagine how crazy busy she is with that many 4 year olds running around and she sent me that. It meant a lot to me. It's the little things in life and until you send a kid to school and realize you have to put total trust in someone else you can't imagine how much it meant to me. And that's why Mrs Tuck and all of the wonderful thoughtful teachers out there deserve a poem! :)
I'm headed to finish cleaning the house! My mother-in-law is coming this weekend to stay with Brodey! Eric and I flying to Dallas tomorrow morning to spend the weekend with my bestie Destiny! Fun times ahead!
While I have been cleaning I have had the TV on Bravo. The Real Housewives of New York is on. Every time a commercial for Real Hourewives of DC comes on I'm reminded how lame they are compared to all the others. I'm going to keep watching in hopes that they cut loose and quit worrying about what everyone thinks! They could learn a thing of two from the Bad Girls Club! Hahahaha!!!!
I spruced up the blog a bit with a new banner! I used THIS kit to make it. So fun! I just can't get it to center! Oh well!
Well I'm off to clean another toilet! Wahoo!

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The Christenson's said...

Suck it up Soldier! HA! It's good to make him go. Definitely. I loove that his teacher sent you a pic of him. So cool. What a great teacher!