Thursday, August 26, 2010

Warm Fuzzy

Wednesday was a BIG day for Brodey. When I got to his classroom to pick him up from school he ran over to me and said "Oh MOM MOM!!! Look at my warm fuzzy!!" I was laughing out loud because it's funny to hear anyone of any age say "warm fuzzy."
I said "Oh wow! What in the world is it?"
He said "Coach Light gave it to me!" (Coach Light is his P.E. teacher)
His teacher's aide said to me "Oh well you know that is a very BIG deal. Coach Light only gives two out to the very best students in all of the pre-k! Brodey must have been very good!"
He said "Oh I was mom! I listened to her whistle and I got to be the leader!"
I was so proud! I think every mom is as surprised as I am when their kiddo is praised at school! I know I can't believe he acts so different there than at home! Now that we have our routine down, though, he is acting MUCH better! He loves routine.
The Warm Fuzzy is pretty cute. It's just a little squiggly eye and an orange fuzzy ball on a tiny clothes pin. To Brodey, though, it's the biggest trophy ever!
It makes me so happy when teachers pay attention to the little things! That's all that counts, right? ;)
Have a good Thursday!

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The Christenson's said...

Way to go Brodey!!! What a big deal! I know you were so proud of him, as you should be!