Monday, August 16, 2010

Rough Start...

Well we had our first rough morning. Actually it wasn't too bad. No screaming or throwing up. Just a few tears. I have to admit a few were mine, but not until I made it home.
Brodey is like Eric. Many hours of sleep are required for nongrumpiness. (Not sure that's a word, but it works.) Brodey could go to sleep at 7pm and wake up the next morning at 10am. The boy loves to sleep. Usually if he gets at least 9 or 10 hours he is okay, but not when he has had a busy weekend. He woke up at 7 yesterday morning which is SO not like him. Then he played all morning at Mumu's and played all afternoon at the lake. He was one wiped out boy.
That was him before we even ate dinner. (Don't panic and call DHS. I was not driving we were parked in my parent's driveway.) So obviously the boy was tired and the full 11 hours of sleep he got just didn't cut it. He woke up in an okay mood. He just kept saying he was tired.
I got him to school and he was fine. I was talking to his teacher and he walked away smiling like he was going to play. I should have made my exit right then but he turned around and saw me still standing there and his lip started to quiver.
I told him it would be fine that he would feel better once he ate breakfast but the crocodile tears came down. :(
Luckily he has THE best teacher EVER and she came and picked him up and said "I need some loving too today Brodey. My little boy is on an airplane to Germany right now." Oh man can you even imagine? Her 16 year old son is studying a semester in Germany so my little boy tearing up is nothing compared to what THAT must feel like! She told him that they would take an early nap today and she would rub his back. I LOVE Mrs Tuck. Love her.
So I made my exit and hid behind the door. She gave me the OK sign so I slid out the door. I got home and sat down and started thinking about it and I got all teary. Dumb of me. I should have made myself busy. He did that a few times at the preschool, but Mrs Bethany was awesome like Mrs Tuck and made it all better.
I'm sure he forgot about me in all of 5 seconds, but it's hard to leave them like that. I told Eric and he's like "OH MY GOSH YOU LEFT HIM!?!?!?!" I'm like "of course I did! I can't just take him home when he doesn't want to stay!"
When I told Eric's mom about it at lunch she said "Yes it doesn't surprise me that he said that. That's why Mady(his sister) never went to swim lessons. I had Eric take her and she cried so he never left her." Thank goodness HE doesn't take him to school. Wonder what he will do if...IF we ever have a girl and she cries! Haha!
I go get him in about an hour and I'm sure he will be fine. He's pretty easy to distract.
I have been cleaning since I dropped him off. How in the world does your house get messy when you aren't even here all weekend!? Maybe it was like that before I just didn't notice! ;)
Once this week calms down and my house is in order I can start thinking about the online scrapbook classes again. I would love to do it. I have tons of ideas swimming around in the head. I just have to grab them and put them together.
Well I'm off to fold towels. What fun.

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