Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yes I am blogging again today. Close your mouth. It's only to keep me from checking the clock and wondering what Brodey is doing. Hoping he isn't lost somewhere in that big school or dead. Erin assures me they have to notify me if that happens. Phew. Strange the things that go through your minds when your child is in a place you don't know top to bottom. Just breathe April.

He was such a big boy this morning. He looked super cute in his new shoes and backpack. He had to strap it on before we left so that I could unstrap it to get him in his carseat. Oh and yes we LOVE plaid. Haha! When I pulled up that pic I had to laugh. No his shorts aren't made out leftover material from his comforter. ;)
He always acts a little shy when I'm there but once I'm gone he comes out of his shell. I had to run to the office to make sure he was actually enrolled because his teacher didn't have an updated roster (yes that's where the fear of him being lost comes from) and when I got back they were headed to the bathroom. I had my camera, of course, so I whispered Brodey and this is what I got:

He just looked back at me, gave me a grin, and waved. Thank goodness! There were lots of crying kiddos and thankfully Brodey wasn't one of them! Poor kids. :(
Once they figured out where the bathroom was they headed out to eat breakfast. Yes they get to eat breakfast as a class. Isn't that great? Maybe he will actually EAT breakfast.

Brodey's in that crowd somewhere (I hope) and the pretty lady at the door is his teacher. We really like her and her ability to teach has nothing to do with my crazy mommy worries. I truly appreciate teachers. They really have a huge impact on our little kiddos. We are very lucky to have her as Brodey's teacher! (There Mrs Tuck if you ever read my blog that deserves brownie points!)
So it's 12:45 now. I have 2 hours left. Do you think I can do it? It's actually gone quickly. I can't wait to ask him all about it! I just hope he doesn't say he never wants to go back!


The Christenson's said...

Oh how I love those pictures! Isn't elementary school the BEST? So sweet. Aw, I could just eat him up in his plaid shorts in that big hallway, looking all grown-up! Cracking me up with his matching shorts and comforter! HAHA!

And mommy, no news from school is good news. He's still alive and they have him accounted for. :)

Love ya!!

Lisa said...

You are going to be okay...