Monday, August 23, 2010

Have you ever...

Have you ever bought Mexican Jumping Beans? Did you know they really do jump? A lot. Don't put them in your bedroom because you can't sleep. At all. Did you also know that there is an actual worm in there? That's why they jump. We saw them in the airport and thought Brodey would like them. He thinks they are super cool. I walked into the kitchen this morning and froze for a second because I thought there was a mouse on the counter. It wasn't. It was just the jumping beans. So don't put them in the kitchen either. ;)
Have you ever washed something red and got pink laundry? I did this for the very first time last week. I have this super cute long red dress that I put in with the darks. Anything that had any sort of white on it is now pink. Oh and anything that was lighter in color. Awesome. Now just to get it out! I'm okay with pink, but I'm not sure Eric wants to go to work with pink scrubs.
Have you ever spied on your kiddo at school? You should. It's fun. Last Thursday I got to school a little early and Brodey was doing circles time. They do this at the end and they sit on the carpet and she reads them a book. I was outside the door eavesdropping and I heard her say
"Who bakes your bread?"
Brodey says loud and clear "My mom bakes my bread!"
She says again "Who bakes your bread?"
Brodey says louder "My MOM bakes my bread!"
She says "Which of THESE bakes your bread?"
Brodey says "MY MOM!!!"
She says "Okay but who ELSE bakes your bread?"
Brodey says "oh the baker bakes bread...but my mom does too."
Hahaha! I was LOL so hard! He was convinced he knew the answer! Now don't get any ideas here. I'm not slaving away kneading bread while my kid is at school. Eric really loves his carbs so I'll bake bread in my bread machine about once a week or so but I don't do anything complicated! I just thought that was so funny.
We had such a fun weekend! We went to Dallas to see our besties, Jason and Destiny! Yes I took my camera and no I didn't take any pictures. I know it's terrible. Someone took pics so if I get them I'll post!
Ok I'm off to finish laundry! It seems like I never left because this is exactly what I was doing before we went! The weekend goes by way to fast!
Hope your Monday is as fab as it can possibly be!

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