Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Maintain! MAINTAIN!

(Fair warning! This post contains a story about puke. If puke bothers you skip ahead several paragraphs!) LOL ;)

Well it's official. My son has been sick twice in the whole two and a half weeks he has been in school. Yes that's once a week. I hope that doesn't turn into a trend.
Sunday night he fell asleep fine on the couch. He was tossing and turning and I had the Mommy gut voice in my head feeling that he was sick. I brushed it off since he hadn't complained of anything, but that little voice is pretty difficult to ignore. It has too good of a track record.
So Eric is in the living room watching Cramer and I'm in the computer room and all of a sudden he yells for me. I run into the kitchen and it's a disaster. There is vomit everywhere. ALL over Eric (who is shirtless), all over the sink, all down the cabinet doors, and all over the floor and counter top.
Eric is holding Brodey over the sink and I can tell just by looking at him he is about to lose it.
I'm like "It's okay. I'll clean it up. Just calm down."
One more look at him and I can see he doesn't think it's going to be okay, he doesn't care who's going to clean it up and he isn't calm at all.
Then I'm looking at him going "Maintain. MAINTAIN!" I so did NOT want to clean up both of their puke.
I take Brodey from him and Eric runs off into the bathroom. He never got sick...thank goodness. I had to give Brodey another shower and clean up the mess. Eric's like "Thank goodness that stuff doesn't bother you. I couldn't have cleaned that up."
I said "Um ok pretty sure you have to deal with blood and tooth parts all day but you can't handle some puke?" Hahaha! When Brodey was younger he puked all over my face and my hair one time. I'll take 4 year old puke over baby food puke ANY day!
Thank goodness he only ended up getting sick one more time and never ran a fever. I kept him home yesterday just in case he was contagious and went ahead and sent him today. Apparently he wasn't the only kiddo out with pukey sickness. Isn't that usually how it goes? ;) Kudos to teachers who have to deal with puke on at least a weekly basis. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I could never stand the smell of that orange stuff the janitor likes to clean it up with.
So on to other topics. The deer are back. Yes here at my house, in northeastern Oklahoma, it seems that they disappear all summer and come back in the early fall. Where do they go? I'm not sure. I have asked Eric and he never has an answer. He seems to think they bed down because it's so hot but that's not a good enough answer for me. Does anyone know? I'm one of those crazy nosey people who have to know things like that. It's like where do coyotes go during the day? Who knows!
I DO know that Eric better get the corn feeder out ASAP! Last week I went out to water my plants out by the pool and I look down at one of my hibiscus plants and what was a beautiful green bush with beautiful red flowers is now mere twigs. AAAHHH!!!!!
I'm like "Um ERIC! Pretty sure your deer have been making dinner of my plants and that's no okay!!!"
He's like "Oh no no. It must be the raccoons..."
"Oh sure! So you are telling me we have vegetarian raccoons!!?! Whatever. Just please get the corn feeder out."
Well the other morning I was in the living room putting on my shoes when I look up out the window and I see glowing velvet antlers by the pool. I get up and GUESS WHAT?!?! It wasn't a RACOON! It was a buck munching away at my hibiscus plant!
"ERRIIICCC!!!!! That vegetarian raccoon is eating my plant!!!!!"
I hear Eric running down the hall and he open the door and the house alarm starts blaring! It scared the crap out of the deer and it took off. I laughed so hard!
All I had to say was "Corn feeder. STAT."
Ah living in the country. If the raccoons aren't swimming in my pool the deer are eating my plants. Joy.
Well enough rambling today. I was going to share a super quick recipe today, but I wasn't sure you would want to read about puke and food in the same post. I'll save it for tomorrow! ;)
Have a wonderful Tuesday nigt!


Lisa said...

Okay - that't too funny about Eric being sensitive to puke but I guess we all have stuff that bothers us. :)

The Christenson's said...

Raccoons swim in your pool?? That is AWESOME! :) Courtney can't handle puke at all either. At all. Just ask Becky. It's a good story. ;) Such a funny post!

Sweet~N~Scrappy said...

Poor Brodey! I hope he is feeling better and no one else catches it. I have already spread the puke sickness through my family once since school has started. Luckily I didn't have to miss any school, but I wanted to die! Glad to see you are doing well April! I miss you!