Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Lil' Chapstick Sniffer

Yes you read that correctly. My son likes to sniff chapstick. He has always loved his chapstick. I even did a layout about it several years ago. There is a photo of the layout. If you click on it you can view it larger and read the journaling. He was only 10 months old in those photos. Up until about last year he called it "Chaplick." LOL Time flies.
Eric's mom came this weekend to stay with Brodey while we went to Dallas. She brought him some Chapstick (she has always given it to him) and I didn't know until he pulled it out of his pocket when we were all eating dinner Sunday night. He said "Mom smell this Chapstick. It smells sooo good!" I did and we had to have the talk about not sharing the Chapstick at school and blah blah blah. He's like "I KNOW mom! We don't want to share germs at school only toys." Smarty pants.
I forgot he had it until after school yesterday. We got home and he pulled it out of his pocket and put some on. Then after we ate dinner I was watching him while he was watching tv and as he is in full-on zombie tv mode he pulled it out of his pocket, waved it under his nose, said "aahhh", and stuck it back in his pocket! I laughed so hard! I couldn't believe he did that! I knew he liked the way it smelled but I didn't know he had it in his pocket to sniff every once in a while! When I dug out the chapstick layout I noticed a pic on there of him sniffing it.
Well at least it really does smell good! He is very particular about smells. Remember his assessment of his teacher, Mrs Tuck? "She is pretty and she smells good like Mrs Bethany." Hahaha! I'm in trouble if he ever gets a teacher that doesn't live up to his sniffy standards! ;)
Well I'm off to finish some scrapbook layouts! My room is a disaster. You can't even walk in there. I guess I'll be cleaning when I finish the layout!
Have a great Thursday!

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The Christenson's said...

He's so little in that layout! Adorable! I looove that he sniffed chapstick when he was so young and still does. hahahaha He is a cutie!