Thursday, August 12, 2010

Say Hello to My Lil' Friend

If you know me you know that I get very excited when a product actually does what it promises. That's why I have a photo of Woolite on my blog. It does what it promises. It makes your darkers darker and keeps them from fading. It even turns faded shirts back to their original dark color. The best thing about it, though, is that there are refills. You don't have to keep buying the plastic bottle! It's awesome! No I'm not getting paid by Woolite. I just love it when something works and I wanted to share it! :)
My little man had a fantastic first day! I will find out about his second day in about an hour. Yesterday I was checking the clock every hour hoping it would be time to pick him up! Today I'm thinking the day is super short and what ABOUT that after school program? Just kidding! ;)

I WAS more nervous yesterday to pick him up than when I dropped him off. I was so afraid he would get in the car and start crying and tell me he hated it and didn't want to go back.
Instead when I asked him how his first day was he said "It was GREAT! When do I get to come back!?!?!" Success! He totally loved it and loved his teacher!
I asked him if he took a nap and he said "well I laid there but I didn't go to sleep because it was too loud." LOL
I just knew he would be totally wiped out when he got home but he never took a nap. He laid down on the couch with me for a little bit but he never went to sleep. I guess he can handle more than what I thought! My baby IS growing up! :(
Well I'm going to get the clothes out of the dryer and go get my baby! Can't wait to hear all about his second day!

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