Friday, September 03, 2010

A Little Chilly

Woo it's a little chilly on this Friday in Oklahoma! Feels (and smells) like football weather! I love change, but I highly dislike winter so I'm a little torn. I think I summed it up in this post from last year. So I'm sorry fall, but I hate what comes after you! ;)
I wonder when the hummingbirds will decide to head south. I have to have at least 30 to 40 buzzing around my back porch. Eric didn't believe my when I tried to explain how many we had a few weeks ago. I have four feeders that I have to fill up every day. No joke. I keep an empty gallon milk carton full of nectar for them. It's insane how many we have. Eric didn't believe me until he saw it for himself. I wish there was a way to capture them all on video. I'm sure I'm not the only one with tons, but it's just so cool! I think they love all of the flowers I have back there. Their faves are the petunias and the hibiscus...if the vegetarian raccoons will leave them alone. ;)
I'll probably leave at least one or two feeders up all winter. I read this summer that there are sometimes poor little stragglers that are late in heading south. A feeder left out is the only way they will survive the journey! :( So sad and mine will definitely be left out!
Brodey is excited for the weekend. He didn't have school today. We are headed to the lake probably tomorrow. I'll be curious to see how heading back to school on Tuesday morning goes. Hopefully he is happy to go. Mrs Tuck told me yesterday that Brodey asked her "could he just spend the night because he LOVES school!" LOL Oh I'm sure she would love that! ;)
Well I'm going to finish up laundry!
Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!!

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The Christenson's said...

I love the weather!! And I love winter too, so I am pretty pumped about fall coming. BRING IT ON!! :) Hummingbirds are so neat, I think. You live in the coolest place with swimming raccoons (ha!) and deer and hummingbirds. Fun, fun!