Thursday, October 28, 2010

7 Days

No I haven't been watching that stupid Naomi Watts movie, The Ring. Teehee. When my sister and I DID go to the movies and see it (it was NOT my idea) as the credits were rolling after it was done my cell phone rings. VERY loudly. It was my mom, thank goodness, and not the creepy voice saying "7 Days."
"MOM!?!!?!?! WHY are you calling me!?! GEEZ! You scared the crap out of me!"
She's like "Why would me calling scare you?"
"Oh nevermind." I look around and everyone is looking at me like OH you are SO next! I haven't watched a VHS tape since! ;)
Today was crazy hair day for Brodey at school. He looked cute and I would share with you but my internet is not cooperating. In 7 days I will have DSL. I am beyond happy. It is finally available at my house. That means I will be able to do things on the internet like normal people. Oh and I can tell HughesNet to....well I'll censor that.
Another reason I am super excited about this is that I have started my new blog Inky Fingers! Weird name, right? You get it if you have ever taken a papercrafting class of mine or been at a crop with me. When I do anything scrapbook related my fingers are stained with ink for a day or two! I always say "we aren't having fun if our fingers aren't inky!"
Ever since I moved from Edmond in 2008 people have been requesting some sort of online class. Well it's finally time! At Inky Fingers I will be sharing more How To's, sketches, videos, kit classes, and much more!
It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an expert! This is for everyone! If you have always wanted to start papercrafting, but didn't know WHERE to start I have you in mind! I will be sharing basic beginner How To's just for you! So check it out if you are interested! Inky Fingers is also on Facebook!
I'm very excited about this and had to share!
I'll post Brodey's funny pics tomorrow!
Hope your Wednesday was extra fab!

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