Thursday, October 28, 2010

Break Room

I want a break room. I'm not talking about a room with a table, water cooler, and microwave. I want a cement room that has all sorts of breakable things in it so that when I get angry I can take a break, go to the break room, and BREAK everything. It would be very satisfying. I think it's a grand idea. I could have used it today!
I had trouble with this and that and to top it ALL off AT&T called me up to inform me that the DSL Internet I have been looking forward to isn't going to happen. The two other people I talked to were wrong. I cannot get it at my address. So instead of telling off Hughes Net I want to tell off AT&T. I am so beyond disappointed. I know that there are important problems in the world, but I can't tell you how excited I was to be getting REAL Internet. Ah well. My goal next week is to see if an actual person will come and make sure I can't get it. There was a little issue with my address showing up incorrectly and I won't leave it alone until a person tells me to my face that I cannot get it. So there.
I had to take Bro to the doctor today. He started wheezing last night again. The doc says he has seasonal asthma and it is to be taken seriously. He says if it isn't treated it can cause health problems on down the road. We came home with some new breathing treatment stuff and I hope that will help!
We acquired two new (allergy free) pets tonight. I will post more on that tomorrow.
Mrs Tuck sent me this pic of Bro at school gutting a pumpkin.
I said "Wow! I can't believe he is actually sticking his hand in there!"
She said "Oh he was totally grossed out!"
When I got to school I said "I was pretty surprised he stuck his hands in there! He's the kid that refused to tear up his first birthday cake!"
She said "Oh yes he said this is totally disgusting!" Hahaha! That is so him!
His hair was pretty crazy that day. He needs a haircut so it sort of looked like an older lady right out of the beauty shop! ;)
Today was spirit day so they had to wear their Woodall Wildcat gear. It's so fun to see all the kiddos walking into class with their orange on!
Tomorrow is the big class Halloween party! At Woodall they actually get to wear their costumes to school! So fun! He can't decide on whether to wear Iron Man or Luigi. I'm thinking he will choose Iron Man because that will be more fun to play on the playground! ;)
Too bad I don't have that break room built yet. I just spent forever editing a new video for Inky Fingers and the program locked up. Go figure. I'm giving up for tonight.
At least Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was on. Dishing about it with Keysha helped put me in a better mood!
I sure hope tomorrow is better! I'm probably being too optimistic to hope that when I come in here in the morning my video program will be working again. Ha!
Hope your Thursday was better than mine! If not I'll send you a personal invite to my Break Room when it's finished! ;)

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