Friday, October 15, 2010

Fading Away

For some reason when I typed that title I got that song in my head "Sailing Away" from the 80's. Remember that song?

Anyway! Brodey's crazy bad Amoxicillan rash is finally starting to fade away! Thank goodness! You know as TERRIBLE as it looked he really did okay with it. There were times when he would get itchy, but for the most part baths and cream knocked it out.
He still has spots but they aren't the angry red ones from yesterday. They are just light pink now. I'm so glad I took pictures because there is no way you can explain to someone what that looked like! CRAZY!
I got to get out of the house last night and I was SO thankful! GNO(Girls Night Out) was last night! SO SO SO much FUN! We did Wiggin' Out and it was hilarious! Many photos were taken, but none by me. I forgot my camera in my mad dash to make it out of the house before the boys tied me up and made me stay home! ;) I'll be posting some pics soon!
I got my wigs from Wal-Mart. They had an entire Lady Gaga section which was hilarious! I would totally go as her if I had a party to go to! I only got one pair of Gaga glasses and Brodey thought they were hilarious this morning! Hahaha!
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is on my DVR waiting on me to watch it. I had a dream last night that I was on the show. Ya right! I caught little tidbits last night while it was on at GNO and those ladies are beyond any other housewives. I cannot WAIT to watch it while I eat lunch today! Yippee!!!
Thanks everyone that posted about Brodey! I really appreciate your well wishes!!
Well I'm off to re-clean the house after the boys were left alone last night. Crazy how quickly they can destroy it.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

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