Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One Proud Momma

Brodey was recognized yesterday for Student of the Month! It was fun! They had an all school assembly and all of the Students of the Month for October were called up and received their certificate!
The pic on the right is with my phone for Eric. He didn't get to come because he was at work. Thank goodness Brodey was better by Monday! It would have been sadder than missing the zoo to miss that!
Sunday night I warned Bro that he would have to go in front of the school to receive his certificate.
"Will I have to say anything, Mom? I don't want to say anything. I will walk up there...I won't be shy but I don't want to talk."
I'm like "No you won't have to say anything, Bro." I'm thinking crap I better ask Mrs Tuck because he will never forgive me if he has to talk.
Thankfully he didn't. He is like his Daddy. Eric used to hate to speak in public. In fact he took Sign Language in college to avoid Speech. It took some time, but he's fine with it now.
That morning I confirmed with Mrs Tuck that he did NOT have to speak. I was so glad. I knew he could do it if he was expecting it, but not by surprise!
After the assembly they had all of the kiddos line up for a group pic. After they were done another teacher took Bro and Tessa back to the lunchroom. I was sort of spying on Bro (as I tend to do) and he went to run out of the gym with the other kids but stopped when he realized Tessa wasn't with him. He stopped and walked back to Tessa and walked with her. Every time he would get ahead he would stop, look back, and wait on her. SO SWEET! It didn't surprise me, though, because when their names were called he waited for her, grabbed her hand, and they walked up together to get their certificates. It was so cute! Yes I got a pic and YES it is so sweet. Makes me one proud Momma!
I took a ton of pics, but I'll be doing a layout about it so I can't post all of the pics! :) I took pics of Tessa because her parents couldn't be there and I also took pics of a couple of other kids whose parents I know.
Once I got home I edited the pics and wanted to print them and take them back to school with me to give to the kiddos. (If I didn't do it then I would totally forget to do it.)
So I get online to Walmart.com and I can't find the photo center link anywhere. I go do a Google search and find it. I go to log in and it will NOT let me log in! Come on I have been printing pics with them forever! It won't even recognize my email! I'm like what in the world! Maybe they changed up the site!
So I re-register, get all the pics uploaded, go to check out, and I have to choose a WalMart to pick them up at. The only problem was it wanted a PROVINCE. WHAT!?!?! A province? I'm like this is weird...until I realize it's CANADA WALMART! I didn't even know there were Walmarts in Canada! It takes forever to upload anything with my not so great internet so I was pretty frustrated and feeling pretty stupid. I still got everything printed, though, before school was out. The kids were very excited about the photos so it was all worth it!
It finally rained today! Yeah! I was very happy about it until I realized that it hasn't rained in over a month and today is the day I have to take the dogs to the vet. FUN! Wet dogs stink...in case you didn't know.
Well I'm off to start dinner! Chicken Enchiladas!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!
April :)

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