Friday, October 08, 2010

Happy Friday to Ya!

Well it's finally Friday! This week has gone by very slowly.
We had fallen into a routine and it got all messed up with Brodey home from school.
He is feeling much better. I think the meds are kicking the pneumonia's butt! The breathing treatments help a lot. I only had to give him cough meds once.
He hasn't been able to run around or go outside and that has been really hard on him. He is VERY active and it's funny because every time he starts to run I hear him say "no running no running" under his breath. LOL He is focused on getting better for the big zoo trip next week at school. The doc said he should be okay to go, but we go back to see him before then. He hates the nasal spray, but has been a champ about all the meds! About every five minutes he looks outside and says "I hate being sick." Poor boy! Don't we all!?!
Not much to report around here. I did see a lonely little hummingbird at the feeder today. It's the first one in about a week. I'm leaving a feeder up with fresh food for the little travelers stopping by! I think my hibiscus must look like little red beacons to them flying over. They are all bloomed out like it's spring or something!
Well I'm off to cook some dinner!
Have a wonderful weekend!! If you are in Oklahoma the weather will be beautiful!

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