Friday, October 29, 2010

I am Iron Man

Every time Brodey puts on his Iron Man costume I hear I AM IRON MAN by Ozzy. Haha!
He was pretty excited about wearing it today! We had to practice pulling it up and down so he could go to the bathroom. I didn't want a text from Mrs Tuck to bring pants and underwear to school!
At Woodall they have a little Fall Festival in the gym for all the kids. The older students put it on to raise money. Brodey got to play all sorts of games and win prizes. Actually you got a prize whether you won or not and it didn't really matter if the kids had tickets. They all got to play! They also had ice cream and popcorn! Yum!
Brodey had a blast! He ate candy, popcorn, cupcakes and cookies all day long. You are only a kid once, right!?
I took a ton of pics, but I'm not even going to edit them right now! This one was taken with my phone before he somehow got his costume filthy. Boys!
Since he wore Iron Man today I guess he will be Luigi tomorrow! I have to figure out some stuffing for a belly! He looks really funny as Luigi!
Well I'm going to make dinner! I hope everyone has a safe and FUN Halloween!
Eat lots of candy!
April :)

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PaperFairyKris said...

That's ironic that you had to practice tucking and un-tucking his costume to avoid Mrs. Tuck! Lol!