Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You have GOT to be kidding me!

So today I drove around the state and back to get my hair done. SO worth it.
I also got flipped off by an elderly gentleman who thought I had cut him off. I'm pretty sure he had his bifocals on because I was nowhere near the poor man. I got a big laugh out of it, though, which I'm sure made him even more angry.
I also had a mild panic attack that started with Brodey coming into the office saying his leg was itching.
"Look mom. What's this on my leg. It really itches."
"Oh it looks like a few bites. Where in the world would you get bites?"
I pull off his pants.
"Oh well you have them all over your legs....and your butt."
Don't panic don't panic.
I raise up his shirt. "Oh gosh they are all over your belly." OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH
I take off his shirt. "WHAT THE!?!?! Oh crap Bro! What in the world!?!? I think you have the chicken pox!!!"
Seriously!?! Didn't we just deal with pnuemonia. Which as while I'm panicking I'm of course I'm Googling it and something about pnuemonia and chicken pox and I'm having a mild PANIC ATTACK!
I'm thinking okay Eric has had them for sure....have I HAD THEM!?!?! AAAHHHH!!!!
I call my mom. "Um okay mom. So Bro has these red dots all over him...literally all over him...and they look like flea bites...so um...do you think that maybe just maybe it could be the chicken pox!?!"
She laughs.
"Mom this is serious I'm freaking out. I mean didn't he have this vaccine!?! Why does he have them!?! Did I HAVE THEM!?! Am I going to get them!?!"
She's like "Well remember you had them when Shan had them. Right? No wait that was Ally. DID you have them?"
"Oh my gosh mom!!! Are you serious!?!?! I have to go I have to call the doctor."
I call the doctor and they can get him in at 10 in the morning. Thank goodness. I'm like well what in the world do I do until then? They tell me to just give him Benadryl orally and the cream. Okay.
I call my mom back.
"So between me and Meme we figured out that you DID have them."
I'm like "Okay well I don't remember! Was it a mild case!?!"
"Well yes but you shouldn't get them again. Send me a photo of Brodey."
I send her one and she looks at it and LAUGHS again!
"Yep that's what it is."
GREAT! Just great! We are just getting over pnuemonia. The zoo trip is Thursday. The only thing I can think is thank goodness it's not Halloween yet!
After I calmed down I stuck him in the tub. He feels much better. He's VERY VERY good about not scratching. I explained to him about scarring and how they will be scabs.
Is it stupid to hope that when I take him to the doctor in the morning they tell me it's an allergic reaction or something?!?! I can hope, right?
Wow what a month. Poor kid. I feel for his poor little body. I hope that he will be okay since he has been sick! :(
Okay I'm off to apply more Benadryl cream.
I hope your Tuesday is better than mine!

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