Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sneaky Sneaky

Well pneumonia snuck up on us. It's pretty sneaky...that pneumonia.
This time of year Brodey's allergies flare up and when he runs around he gets wheezy. Usually the wheezy goes away after about an hour of rest and his previous doctors never seemed concerned about it. Well this time the wheezy went away but it came back after school on Monday.
When I picked him up Monday he seemed a little tired and he just sat on the couch for longer than normal. The cough he had had on and off got worse and by bedtime his chest didn't sound great. He barely slept the next night and his breathing seemed forced. I knew he would have to go to the doctor so I kept him home from school and that morning he told me his back and chest burned.
Yesterday afternoon we went to see Dr Cole and we were there from 2:30 until after 5:00. They did chest xrays (he was totally weirded out), told me he had pneumonia, told Bro he couldn't go to school the rest of the week, and sent me home with 50 prescriptions. He has breathing treatments, antibiotics, nasal spray, cough medicine, the works. I have to write it all down to keep it straight.
We have pretty much been on the couch all day playing Mario. He can't run around which if you have boys you know is VERY hard for them. But the meds seem to be working. The doc said he should be okay by the big zoo field trip next week.
By the looks of the pic at the top he is soooo sick! Hahaha! That's Brodey trying not to laugh. He did VERY well during our two and a half hour doctor visit. I was impressed.
Well I'm off to tie my kid to the couch and play another round of Mario.
Have a wonderful Wednesday! It's a beautiful day!

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