Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Lions and Tigers and SPIDERS Oh My!

Don't you just love The Wizard of Oz? I do! I do! I used to think that if you went to Kansas everything was black and white. It isn't. I also think that movie is part of the reason I hate storms. I always thought that if a tornado came my parents would lock me out of the cellar. We didn't have a cellar and a tornado never came so I'm okay! ;)
SPIDERS! We have been invaded with spiders! I have told Eric a million times to call the bug guy to come and spray! He keeps forgetting...
This weekend we went to Holdenville. We were supposed to go to Dallas, but that didn't work out. Waaahhh!!! (We missed you Jason and Destiny!)
Sunday night we were at Eric's parent's about to leave and George (Eric's dad) come freaking out trying to get something off his neck. He finally grabs it and throws it off and it's a pretty good sized daddy long legs. If you know George, you know that he HATES spiders. I mean HATES them. If one were on him while he was driving a car he would probably kill us all.
So I'm laughing at him (of course) and I go to grab it.
He's like "Don't drop it now!! Watch out now, honey! Don't drop it!!!" I'm just cracking up. I finally got it outside without dropping it. I'm sure he sprayed down every inch of that house with insect spray as soon as we left. Don't worry they are still alive I talked to them yesterday.
We finally make it home and I go into our bathroom to take a shower and glance down at the bathtub. The photo at the top is what I saw. I had to laugh because Eric hates spiders about as much as his dad does, I thought he would probably make me get it out, and I grew up in the country and we NEVER had a tarantula in the house! We had our fair share of scorpions, huge spiders, but never a tarantula.
I grab the camera (of course), take some pics, and then scurry happily off to tell Eric to come here. THIS will make him remember to call the bug guy for sure!
I'm like "Hey Eric. Come here."
"What April..."
"Hey come in here real quick."
I'm cracking up of course.
He's screaming "How in the world did THAT get in HERE!?!?! That thing is huge!"
I'm like "I know hahaha! We NEVER had a tarantula in the house! Hahaha!"
"Oh my gosh are you serious!?!?!" I think that fact freaked him out.
I'm like "Ya it's a pretty big one. Want me to get it out?"
"Well NO! I'll get it...what should I use?"
I go get him a pitcher and he grabs a shoebox lid and I'm still not convinced he is actually going to do it. But he gets right in the bathtub...
"Gosh watch out. Those things can JUMP!" Hahahaha!
Eric can move pretty quickly if he wants to! He grabbed it and out it went! Poor little guy! I hope he doesn't end up in my pool. Good thing Brodey was asleep. He would have nightmares for weeks!
But poor Brodey had to deal with another spider last night. I'm in the laundry room and Brodey walks in there.
"Mom. There's a spider in my toy basket. He's pretty big. And he's looking at me."
He's is so serious but I'm laughing.
I go in there and dig a round a bit and finally see it.
"Wow that IS is a pretty big one Bro!" It was just a garden spider but it was at least a few inches long. Luckily his toy basket in the living room is right under the window. I shook it outside and that was that.
It has been the week of the spider. I had to put a big praying mantis outside earlier. That warranted another text to Eric to call the bug spray man. Maybe I should get a fake one and put it on his pillow! Hahaha!
Hope your Tuesday is great and spider free!


allsmilesscrapgirl said...

We have been having tons of spiders too! I was afraid that one would bite one of my little furbabies so I got these spider sticky traps (at Lowe's) and put them around the house. We also had the yard and the sides of the house sprayed...it seems to be better :)

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