Monday, October 11, 2010

Back to School...Back to School...Mondays Are SO Not Cool

Well the Bro man went back to school today! He was VERY excited! As soon as we walked in the door all of his little friends were like "Brodey! It's Brodey! Hi Brodey!" So cute! Needless to say he had a wonderful day despite having to sit out during PE.
I'm surprised we even made it out the door this morning. Geez. It was one of those mornings.
Last night I asked Eric twice if he gave Brodey all of his meds. He said yes. I asked him if he gave him his nose spray. He said yes. So I went to bed and didn't worry about it.
This morning I woke Bro up to get ready and he seemed fine but as soon as he took a sip of his chocolate milk he started coughing. I was like WHAT!?!?! He hasn't been coughing at all! I thought it had to be from drainage because the milk triggered it. I asked him if his nose was runny and he said yes.
"Did you give Brodey his nose spray last night?"
I'm like "WHAT!?!?! You told me you did!"
"No I gave him his other meds but I guess I didn't give him his nose spray."
I'm like fantastic! The morning he is to go back to school and he is coughing. Sheesh!
I give him his nose spray, breathing treatment, and antibiotic. The cough syrup he prescribed makes him way drowsy so I didn't want to give it to him. I thought since I'm literally three minutes from school Mrs Tuck can call me if he starts to feel bad. Right!?! Decisions like that make me crazy because I don't want to be the mom that sends he sick kid to school, right!?!
So since I don't want to be turned in to DHS it took me a while to decide to send him to school. Because of my indecisiveness we were running late and as we are walking out the door I think I should give him the Mucinex to break up the drainage! Perfect! That always helps!
Bro is already in the carseat so I run back into the house and pour some up. I run back out and hand it to him and he has some little Mario Brothers toys in his hands. He tries to grab the cough syrup while still holding the toys and, of course, he spills it all over his jeans and all over his carseat. Perfect. Happy Monday!
We go back in and he gets changed and off we go to school. Like I said he was thrilled to be back and his friends were glad to see him!
It was cool this morning so I wore a little sweatshirt jacket to take him to school. I stuck my carkeys in my jacket pocket and zipped it right up. As I'm walking back to the car I try to unzip the pocket and it's stuck. After the morning I had I laughed a little. Well until I realized it wasn't coming undone so easily. So there I am standing outside my car pulling and tugging on my jacket. Finally I had to take it off. By this time my fingers are red and swollen, it isn't so funny anymore and I'm thinking if I only had a knife. After about 5 minutes I finally get the stupid pocket unzipped and I get in my car and leave. I made it home without further incident and the rest of the day went fine. Well I better not jinx myself. It's only 5 o'clock.
So the moral of the story is make sure you give your kid all of their meds, don't give them cough syrup in their carseat, and by all means DO NOT put your car keys or any other important items in a zipper pocket!
I'm signing off now. I hope your Monday has been incident free!

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