Thursday, February 01, 2007

Slip n' Slide

Okay. So I was slippin' and slidin' today! Didn't know we were going to get another little winter storm! I woke up this morning and there was snow and sleet on the ground. Not a whole lot. Just enough to cover the sidewalks and rooftops. Didn't look too bad on the street. So about noon I get out with Brodey to run to Arby's and get some lunch. I'm headed out of the neighborhood and go to turn and it just doesn't happen. I skidded right past the turn out of the neighborhood! I couldn't believe it! The few times I went out during the last storm, I had no problems. The OTHER drivers had problems, but not me! So I go down the street and turn around and SLOWLY head out. I get to Arby's, get my food and as I'm heading back I come over the little hill down Santa Fe (this is a major road in Edmond) and there are (no lie) seven cars off the side of the road, two into people's fences, and one in their yard. I was like WHOA!!! And so were the other drivers because we all go to stop and it doesn't happen! The car in front of me had to go into the middle lane and the car behind me did too! Luckily I didn't! I was like NO WAY! How did all that happen and the roads get so bad in the ten minutes it took to get my regular roast beef sandwich? Gosh the roads can go downhill so fast! I get home and turn on the news and the highway patrol said they had fifty accidents reported in the last hour. Craziness! So I came back home and stayed home! LOL

Even though it was slick OUTSIDE, I did do a little slippin' and sliden' indoors today! LMBO I put my phone on the charger and went into the office with Brodey. Well I heard the phone ring and opened the door and took off to run and get it....I didnt' make it far. I had on some of those really soft socks that my SIL Madyson gave me for Christmas. Let's just say those socks and tile floors don't mix! I busted my butt SO hard! I landed RIGHT on my Merryl shoes and they are rubber on top! I have the biggest bruise on my hip ever! I have been so sore! My lower back is killing me, my knee, my elbow! I'm so glad I didn't have Brodey! Well I wouldn't have been that wouldn't have happened! But gosh it hurt! I called my mom laughing and said "okay it's icy outside and I slip and bust my tail INDOORS!" I had to laugh!

I have to share a layout that a friend of mine lifted from my gallery over at! For the link, click HERE! She did such a beautiful scraplift of a layout I did! I LOVE her version! It's beautiful!

I finally get to post my Design Team Layouts for! I've had to wait until the February Newsletter went out! I used older photos of Eric and I in the layout above. I love them! If you want to read the journaling, click on the pic and it will appear larger. Eric was looking at me so weird when I was cutting out those flowers! LOL! It was worth it! I love how it turned out!

We crapped out on some awesome Hornets tickets tonight. RJ, Eric's co-worker, was given $160 tickets courtside tonight and we didn't get to go. Eric couldn't find anyone to go with him, so he was going to take Brodey and I. Well he sometimes has a difficult time making decisions...okay a REALLY difficult time. So he didn't know if we should go because of the roads. But he didn't want to drive downtown and go by himself. But it started in 30 minutes and could we all get ready in time to go. He drives me nuts! So he waited too long to make up his mind and just didn't go. Wasted. Awesome tickets wasted. Oh well. What can you do?

The dr didn't call today about the results of the blood test for the hives. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. What IS a good thing is the meds he gave me. They work so much better than the shot. My hives were totally gone 30 minutes after I took the meds. It took at least 6 hours with the shot. The weirdest combo too. Zantac, Prevacid, and a steroid. I also took a Benadryl and I slept SO good! Such a difference from the night before! It was great. I really needed it!

I did get a layout done today! SO glad! It is a layout for the design team at I'll post it in the next couple of days.

OH!!! I will also post a pic of the February Kit at! If you can't wait to see it, just head over there and check it out! SO beautiful! I'm going to start playing with it tomorrow! Let's hope Brodey will let me!
Okay. I'm off to bed!

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