Thursday, February 22, 2007

You know...

You know that if I ain't updating my blog, somethin' ain't right! LOL
My gosh. The last few days have been interesting.
First, Tuesday night Eric thought he just had to get the new tv all hooked up before he left for Vegas. He was up unil 1am doing just that. When we are all up, Brodey thinks he needs to be up too. So Mr. Brodey didn't get to sleep until 1am either! When that happens, it throughs everything off. Wednesday was terrible. He woke up at 8am, went back to sleep at 11am, and didn't wake up until 4pm. Usually when this sort of thing happnes, my saving grace is to put him on the Boppy to nurse and I at least am free to use the computer. NOPE. Not that time! He wasn't having it. The only place he wanted to be was in the recliner with me. I got nothing done. But, I would rather spend 5 hours in the recliner than the next 10 hours with a grumpy 13 month old! LOL
Then today, Eric left for Las Vegas for a dental convention.(FUN LOL) It was hell trying to get him out the door. Eric likes to be overly prepared...he feels much better when he was SEVEN pairs of shoes with him. I warned him about the weight restriction on bags before he left. So I was LOL so dang hard when he called me from the airport to tell me he had to pay $25 because his bag was 6lb over the limit! Hahahaha! Priceless!
WOW! Grey's Anatomy tonight was a super tear jerker for me! I mean good grief! Plus, I didn't even realize until Jess at Just 4 Keeps told me that there are no more new episodes until April! Now that makes me want to cry just thinking about it!
SUPER fun weekend planned! With Eric gone I will have uninterrupted scrapping! YEAH! I teach my class at Just 4 Keeps on Saturday PLUS the online crop at Addicted Scrappers is going on! FUN! SO excited!
I made it to Week #7 in the Survivor Challenge at Scrapbook Chalet! Woohoo!!! I'm having so much fun with that!
I got my March Kit from Addicted Scrappers yesterday! IT ROCKS!!! It is so totally beautiful! LOVE the browns and blues! LOVE this kit!
Okay. I'm going to bed!

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april said...

WHAT?!?!!? No new episodes until April?!?!?!!? Why do these shows do this?! First LOST!! now Greys? UGH! I'm gonna die without my dose of Greys! :(