Monday, February 26, 2007

Busy bee!

Wow! I have been a busy little bee! I (stupidly) thought I would have all this free time to myself while Eric was gone! HA!
MIL came on Friday! YEAH!! My goal was to get some scrapping done. Double ha! The Oklahoma wind was TERRIBLE and two panels of fence blew down. Fun. Eric's brother had gone to Holdenville so there was no way to fix it. I had to take the dogs back and forth to the side yard(it's fenced in) to potty. Well of course they wouldn't go. So I took them back to their room. I got soaked because it was raining and nothing was accomplished! I dealt with that all weekend. Then we went to eat, got ice cream, and I ended up going between watching The Devil Wears Prada and chatting at Addicted Scrappers! The online crop was this weekend! LOL I finished ONE layout! It's the one I posted above. The challenge was to use 10 different pieces of patterned paper! I went the easy route! Everyone did an AWESOME job! The projects and layouts are so awesome!
Saturday we shopped a little bit and I went to Just 4 Keeps for a while that night! It was so much FUN! I didn't get anything done,though! AGAIN!! Can you believe it!?! My whole goal was to get all these layouts done! Ha! When I make plans they always get busted!
Eric came home today! YEAH! I really did miss him! I don't like sleeping alone because I'm such a heavy sleeper! When I am by myself I'm always afraid I won't hear something. Eric always does because he is a really, really light sleeper. I sleep so heavily I slept through the fire alarm when I was in the dorms at OU one time. And NO ONE came and got me! If it had been an actual fire, and not some drunk pulling the alarm, I would have died!
I got to watch the whole Academy Awards tonight! It was really funny! Ellen did a great job! Whomever wrote did a great job too! Jennifer Hudson's speech when she won made me cry! Dumb I know! Martin Scorsese had the best speech, I think. Oh and Celine Dion did a beatiful job singing that song by Ennio Morricone. He is awesome! I SO miss going to the movies all the time and all the film classes I took in college. Like I said at Just 4 Keeps, that's the only thing I miss about college besides my figure! ;) Anyway, it was nice to get to watch the entire show.
Okay I'm off to bed now! Brodey isn't going back to his bed. So no more layouts tonight! Haha!!!

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Margo said...

Oh my goodness April this is sooo cute I love it.