Thursday, February 08, 2007

Just call me Mrs. Forgetful!

So I thought I'd be good today and go order at least one of my photos from Brodey's one year photo session. So I call while on my way (I live 1.5 miles from the studio and yes this was AWESOME when I worked there) and let them know I'll be stopping by to pay for my larger portrait and frame.
Well Brian, one of my old co-workers, is like "Well where were you earlier??"
I'm like huh? "Earlier when?"
"Earlier when you had an appointment to take pictures."
Again..I'm like huh? "I said what appoitment?"
He says "I called you and you didn't answer."
It finally dawns on me that I had scheduled to take Valentine photos with Brodey today!
I said "OH MY GOSH I totally forgot! Can I still come in!?!?!"
He says "Can you be here in 5 minutes?"
I'm like "YES I CAN!!!" I turn around and run home. Change Brodey into the most neutral thing I can find...a gray turtleneck and Baby Gap denim overalls....and head to Taylor Made. I'm so glad I called! The photos turned out ADORABLE! I just happened to be wearing a red sweatshirt jacket and we took pics together! SO EXCITED about them! They had the letters for LOVE in red and Brodey took one with each. They're combining each photo with the letters on a bookmark sized photograph and it's adorable! I can't wait to get them and post them! I go to proof them tomorrow afternoon! Can't wait to get them! I won't forget that! LOL

No layouts done today! I did get a birthday card completed! It's adorable! I didn't get a photo of it. Will do that in the morning and post. It's so simple and cute!

Had to go with the hubby to Del City today. It's a part of Oklahoma City like Edmond is. We had to go get the vehicle they drove to that office and he had to pick up some stuff. We ate at a restaurant we had never tried before called Old Chicago. It was okay. I don't believe it was worth what we paid for it. It was kind of like Fazoli's, but I think Fazoli's is better. NOW with that said, I did not try the pizza. That's kind of what they are known for, but I didn't try it. I should have. Oh and the service wasn't so great. I really hate it when you have to sit around and wait wait wait for everything when there aren't that many customers. I was a waitress for many, many years. My parents own a restaurant and when you work there, you are the one and only waitress and there are about 13 tables AT LEAST. So, sorry for the complaining. It just drives me nuts!

Well, hopefully MIL will be able to keep her plans and come on Friday! There is a crop until 2am on Friday night at Just 4 Keeps that I'm planning on going to! If everything goes as planned, hubby will be headed to Kansas City to pick up a vehicle. SO, there may be no interruptions! YIPEEEE!!!!

Well I made it through week 4 of the Survivor Challenge at! I was so biting my nails! My vote didn't come in for a little while and it had me worried! This week's challenge is a sketch challenge! Hopefully I will be able to work on that this weekend!

Tomorrow I HAVE to get my layout done for the Last Scrapper Standing contest at It's a heritage page and will be awesome if I can just get to sit down and complete it!

The pic above is from 1994. My Question of the Day at was about your most memorable Valentine's Day. That would be the reason for the pic. This was our first Valentine's together and I remember walking into the high school office and seeing the biggest bear in there...and it was for ME! SO glad I took pics of it! I need to scrap them, but can't come up with a design! Oh another layout for this weekend!?!? LOL Anway, don't you love my bangs? My hairdresser cut them way too short! LOL For some reason my teeth look pink, too! But hey, my K Swiss ROCK!!! LMBO

Okay, it's almost 1am and I'm headed to BED! Tired!

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