Friday, February 16, 2007

Look what we got!

Wow I DO NOT miss homework! I had to help my sister tonight with a couple of essays and it was not fun. At all.
THANK YOU Scrapbook Chalet girls for all the sweet comments you leave me! I'm so glad I decided to play the Survivor Challenge over there! If I hadn't, I might not have found that awesome site!
I'm there for another week! It was a close call! I'm SO glad! This week's challenge is going to be fun! Can't wait to start!
MIL is coming tomorrow! YEAH!!!! That means I might get to go crop at Just 4 Keeps! So excited!
Only one more month until the Creating Keepsakes with my layout is available! I CANNOT even tell you how exicted I am! I will never be able to wait until it gets to my mailbox! I will have to go to Just 4 Keeps and BUY BUY BUY!
Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! We didn't end up going to eat! Eric thought that a 5 degree wind chill was too cold to get Brodey out. So we ate BBQ from some place and it wasn't very good! I got heartburn and Eric got sick. Deja vu from last year...only not so bad. I NEVER get heartburn so it wasn't fun for me.
Brodey and I DID get the CUTEST gifts from Eric! I posted several pics above! He sent me a Mommy turtle and Brodey a baby turtle and Spongebob balloons! LOVED them! SO cute and thoughtful! LOVE that guy! One of the photos is of Brodey kissing his. He loved his too!
Okay I am going to bed. My brain is DONE after those two essays! Gotta sleep before it short circuits! LOL

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