Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hello again!

Sorry I've been MIA the last couple of days! When my mother-in-law is here, I take advantage!!!
I didn't get to crop on Friday night, but that's okay! I did get my layout done for the Survivor Challenge at Scrapbook Chalet! I posted it above! I'm not totally pleased with how it scanned. It kept cutting off the sides and there was paint on all four sides. Oh well! Don't layouts always look better in real life? If you click the photo, it will enlarge it and you can read the journaling. LOVE those pics of Brodey! He already looks so different and it seems like it wasn't that long ago!
Next weekend is going to be super busy! First, I teach my class on Saturday at Just 4 Keeps here in Edmond. The online crop at Addicted Scrappers will be going on that weekend too! I have a fun project and layout I will be doing! If you are going to be scrapping next weekend, you should join us! They will be giving away some awesome prizes!
Well yesterday Eric finally picked up the new TV. He paid for it two weeks ago and he just now got it! LOL My mom and dad bought our old one and they took it last week. We have been without a tv for a while so it was nice to finally get this one...or so I thought! We finally get it here and we have NO REMOTE!!! Eric's brother left it in his mother's car and she lives in Holdenville (90 miles away)! The speakers are set to off and the television controls won't let us turn them on! It's kind of funny, really. We can watch it but we have to add our own lines! Haha! Thank goodness my brother is bringing it up here tomorrow when he has to come! Brodey misses his Backyardigans! Hahaha!
MIL and I went to Burlington Coat Factory this weekend. Neither one of us had ever been there and let's just say we won't be going back. They might be nicer elsewhere, but the one in Oklahoma City is terrible. Nasty and terrible. Good thing the Dollar Tree was two doors down! LOL We popped in there to get some chip clips and they had the rhinestones I use on my scrap pages!!! I got four packages for $1 each! Yippeee! They are self-adhesive and actually stay on! I was so excited!
Well that's all. Not too interesting! That's okay by me, though! Hehe!
I'm off to bed!

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Audra said...

LOVE that LO. So much fun! The B is great, and the colors work so well.
I haven't commented in a few days, so Im gonna roll it all into one. ;-) Those pictures are absolutely ADORABLE!! Love the one with him peeking his head through the "O". They are all great! So cute that Eric sent you mommy and baby turtles! Sorry your dinner wasn't great, maybe next year?