Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And they're off....

Well this morning started off with a BANG! Literally! I am lying in bed with Brodey waiting for him to wake up. The Oklahoma wind is blowing like CRAZY. I hear a BANG and I hear Gigi(our female black cocker spaniel) start barking. I KNEW the fence had fallen down. I flew out of bed and took Brodey in where Ally, my sister, was getting ready for school. I run out to the dog room and as soon as Gigi sees me she gets all brave and runs out of the fence! I'm like CRAP!! I run back in, put on my shoes, and by this time Gunner(our male chocolate cocker spaniel) was out the fence. AH!!! So out the door I go...IN my pajamas...to get them. You have to know that our house backs up to this big field and ditch. It's a very, very clean field and ditch, but the field backs up to one of the main roads in Edmond! So everyone can see me in my PAJAMAS (I had on a t-shirt from Austria that has a big yield sign on it with a kangaroo that says "No Kangaroos in Austria" and some silly turquoise pants with bees on them! LMAO) in 8am traffic! AH!!! You also must know that we have the corner lot and we have the biggest backyard in our neighborhood...well probably Edmond! I run all the way over to the right side of the fence...no dogs. I run all the way back to the other side and around and there they are! FOREVER away! I yell for them and THANK GOD they come running! I pick them both up to make sure they don't run again, and take them into the house! I thought I wasn't going to make it! Gunner is SO HEAVY! Let's just say I am SO not in shape! LOL WHAT a morning! Geez! I could only imagine them getting ran over or lost! Terrible! I guess I shouldn't have posted yesterday that it was boring around here! That always come back to bight me in the ace! Haha!

Don't you just hate it when a store you know like the back of your hand completely changes everything around!?!?!?! (Well besides my LSS Just 4 Keeps! LOL When THEY move stuff around I find new stuff to buy! haha!) Our local Wal-Mart just renovated and I can't find anything! Everything is totally moved around and I hate it! It took me twice the amount of time to shop than normal! I know it will be nice when they are through, I just have to gripe about it now! ;)

So we still don't have a remote for the new tv! LOL The only two channels the tv will let us watch, before we program the cable with the remote, are local. One is a good channel, and the other is SO bad. They play shows like Matlock, The Nanny, and some stupid 1980's show called Quincy M.E. It is ridiculous! Real channels will be nice! This morning I wanted to watch Good Morning America, and I went into Brodey's room and turned the volume WAY up and turned the big tv to the same channel! LOL It worked!

Okay I'm off to bed! It's almost 1am and I'm tired!

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Audra said...

Im stalking again. LOL. Seriously, never a dull moment huh? I am sooooo jealous of your doggies, I WANT one! Im glad that they listened to you and came back. Too bad your sister didn't grab the camera, you and the austria shirt could have made a cute LO.