Monday, January 22, 2007

Hives aren't just for the bees...

Okay. So I developed a little rash yesterday. This wasn't the first time, so I wasn't too alarmed. It was mainly on my abdomen and chest. They went away around bedtime so no biggie. Well I woke up this morning and my gosh they were everywhere and about the size of dinner plates. So I go to an internal medicine specialist and they tell me they are referring me to an allergy specialist immediatly. I have severe hives and the next time this happens it could be deadly. (I thought this was a tad over dramatic but whatever) I get a shot in the butt, had a mild reaction to it, and came home. The shot had some type of benadryl stuff in it so I was a little drowsy. I get to go and be poked repeatedly in the back tomorrow. Fun times. I guess it is a good thing. Hopefully I'll find out what's wrong with me. Wouldn't it be awful if it's the new carpet?!?!? AH!

So as you can imagine, nothing was accomplished today. No layouts. No clean house. Brodey is still feeling his shots. All he wanted to do today was sleep and nurse. That equals no time for me. I have so much to do and I feel like it's just building up. Eric was helpful and watched him when he got home, but that time was taken up too! I had to help Ally make up and print out some ads for the Fashion Show program. Geez will it ever end? Tomorrow my appointment is at 1:30. I'm not even going to jinx myself and say I'm going to get anything done. Obviously that doesn't work!

The layout I posted above is a few months old. I still love it. That photo of Brodey always makes me smile when I see it! Love that boy!

Okay I'm going to attempt to put Brodey in his bed and DO something. Wish me luck!!!!!

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Audra said...

Hope you are rash free soon! Sorry you had a rough day. LOVE the layout.