Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How To: Basic Heat Embossing a Stamped Image

Happy Wednesday to ya! ;)
Today I thought I would post a little How To! I started to video this, but I remembered I already did this How To back for the Just 4 Keeps forum! So I'm going to post it here!
If you have never tried to heat emboss now is the time! There are SO many different ways to do this! I will be sharing more ways to come, but today I'm just going to show you the basic way to emboss a stamped image.
This is the first layout I had published in Creating Keepsakes about embossing. It's from the November 2007 issue. I stamped the swirl design onto the leaves I punched from patterned paper and then I heat embossed them with black ink. Can you believe how little Brodey was! AW!!!

This is the second layout I had in Creating Keepsakes with heat embossing stamped images. It is from the December 2007 issue. I stamped and embossed the little ornaments with white powder, cut them out, adhered them, and drew the little "strings" with my black pen. I also stamped and embossed the title letters. Wow I was not having a good hair day!
Those are just two easy ways to add heat embossing to your layouts and we are just getting started! :) I have so many techniques to show you! But today we will start with the basics!

Supply List:

- Stamps
(the stamp I used in this sample is an Autumn Leaves acrylic stamp)

- Cardstock
(any cardstock will work, but different textures will give you different effects)

- Cornstarch or an Embossing Buddy
(this stuff is KEY to keeping stray embossing powder from sticking and making your image messy)

- Versamark or Embossing Ink
(I have tried many embossing inks and I like Versmark the best. It's tackier and dries slower but any embossing ink will work)

- Heat Tool
(any heat tool will work. I use THIS one from Hobby Lobby. Hair dryers will not usually work because they do not get hot enough and they blow air to hard.)

- Funnel Tray or Paper Plate
(this is what you will use to catch the embossing powder when you slide the excess off of your cardstock and pour it back into the container. You don't have to have either you can just use scrap paper.)

- Embossing Powder
(I used THIS white embossing powder for this How To. You can use any powder you want to! I will be going over different powders in future posts!)

*You can click on this photo to view it larger.

Cover your cardstock with the cornstarch. Don't worry it will not alter your stamped image OR your embossing powder.

Stamp your image with your embossing ink.

Cover your stamped image in embossing powder. Hold it over your tray so you don't make a mess or waste embossing powder.

Pour off the excess powder. Very gently tap your carstock with your finger to take off excess powder. Do not tap your cardstock too hard or the powder will come off of the stamped image.

Heat your image by starting underneath the cardstock. This will begin to melt the powder, but will not blow it off. Now heat the image from the top until the powder changes.
All you have to look for is the powder to change. If you continue to heat it you will burn the image.
The only exception to this is if you are using Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel or UTEE. If you are using this you will look for the powder to change into water droplets, the droplets will melt into each other, and then you will stop heating. We will do more with UTEE in future posts.

Once your image cools you can take a paintbrush or your finger and wipe off the remaining cornstarch. You must wait until it cools because the heated powder does not set until it cools.

That's it! I simply punched my image out with a scalloped circle punch! You can do so many things with your embossed images!

REMEMBER practice practice PRACTICE! Practice makes perfect!
Never try a technique on a project! Always try it out first on a scrap piece of cardstock! :)

This is one of my favorite basic techniques to teach in class! Immediately students start going "OH! What if I did this? What if I did that!" It's an open door to creativity! I love it!
If you have ANY questions just post a comment! If you don't want to post a comment send me an email at!
If you try this technique out and use it on a project link me up in my comments! I would love to see your work!
I'm off to do laundry! Aw the joys of housework! At least I'm not pulling lawn furniture out of the pool like yesterday! ;)
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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