Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Not a Shoe Person

I'm not a shoe person. I'm just not. My Meme is. She has more shoes than any one person should have. Oh and so does my sister. I think she gets it from Meme.
I'm more like my mom in the shoe department. I hate having to put more than 30 seconds of thought into what shoes I'm going to wear with an outfit. That's one of the reasons I love summer! In the summer all I have to think about is what color of flip flops to put on. I love that. All of the other seasons are too much trouble. In Oklahoma it could go from 30 degrees to 70 degrees in a matter of minutes. I'm not exaggerating. It takes too much thought and effort to figure out what shoes to wear.
I shop the same way. I have to try EVERYTHING on before I buy it, but it usually only takes a split second for me to make a decision on whether or not I am going to purchase something. That's why Eric never complains when I ask him to take me by the mall or Old Navy. I can be in and out of the mall in less than an hour if I'm alone. I usually have a pretty long list too. Now that we don't live a few miles from a mall I have to get everything I need when I can!
So yesterday was a pretty big day for me. I found...wait for it...THREE pair of shoes! Winter shoes! I know I couldn't believe it either! I MIGHT buy two pair of shoes each season so this is a big deal for me!
So I put up my summer clothes and got out winter clothes the other day and I realized how shoe poor I actually am. I tend to only buy shoes that I feel like I will wear a lot. They have to be basic and stylish. Well that leads to me wearing them over and over all season and by the end of that season they look like crap. Usually.
Yesterday I stopped in Old Navy and had to be in and out in less than 15 mintues. Yes I made the deadline, tried on clothes, AND bought for both me and Brodey. I told you I was fast. I bought a CUTE pair of short, flat cowboy boots and I love them. They are the ones in the photo at the top of this post. In fact I wore them last night to GNO(girls night out! Before I went, though, I left the house a little early and made a few pit stops at Ross and Rue 21.
A lot of people don't shop at those stores, but I love the treasure hunt. I LOVE me some Gap, but I am also an equal opputrtunity shopper. I have been known to wear things from Wal-Mart(they have super cute OU t-shirts right now) and I love TJ Max and Forever 21. If it's cute I'm going to buy it no matter where it's from. The great thing about that is most people won't shop where I'll shop! So most of the time I'm the only one that has it! Plus I think I dress cute! I won't wear it unless I love it! Hey Eric and I got Best Dressed in high school for goodness sake! ;)
Getting back on track. I didn't find any shoes at Rue 21 but I did find two pair at Ross! They are so cute! One pair are similar to some fake cowboy boots I have but they are black, distressed, and have some buckles on them. Fun! The other pair are short, flat, and can only be described as half Ugg crochet and half suede. Love them!
I am pretty excited about these shoes and I don't get excited about shoes! I (gasp) actually am excited for the cooler weather to set in so I can wear them! For someone who loves flip flops and summer as much as I do that's a big deal! Yeah for shoes!
I was hoping I would be able to title this post "Happy BIRTHday Callie!!!" but I'm not sure she's here yet! My bestie Erin went into labor this morning! Yippee! Wish I was there waiting on little Callie to make her big debut! Praying for an easy delivery and thinking about you Erin!!! Love you!! I have a surprise for Callie when I get to see her!
Tonight will be a fun night! I'm going out with some of the funnest girls in Muskogee! We will be celebrating my friend Kelly's birthday tonight in Tulsa! My mother-in-law will be headed up here later! Brodey is so excited! He loves his Mumu! I can't have Mumu coming to visit with a dirty house so I'm headed to clean!
I'm hoping to do another How-To soon but I'll have to see how this weekend goes!
I hope your's is wonderful!

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