Saturday, September 25, 2010

Movie Popcron Without the Movie

Have you ever eaten your movie popcorn outside of the movies? I have! I have! But I'll get to that in a bit.

Friday was a GREAT day! My bestie Destiny (that sounds funny) came and stayed Thursday night and then we went to the mall in Tulsa on Friday! We got some shopping done (jeans at the Gap are 50% off by the way)and just had an awesome time hanging out!
After the mall we met Eric and Brodey for some sushi. It was SO good!
Brodey had been asking to go see The Guardians (that owl movie) so we were going to take him after dinner. Eric had to return some shoes at the mall so he dropped Brodey and I off and he headed there.
After Bro and I stood in line for our $23 tickets, stood in line for our popcorn and cherry Icee, we headed back to the movie. As we were almost to our screen 14 we walked past the screen 13 next door which was playing Devil. The doors were wide open and right as we walked by this horrible sound came out of there. FREAKED Brodey OUT.
"I DON'T WANT TO SEE THE MOVIE MOM!!!!" As tears are rolling down his face.
I'm like "Bro that's not the movie we are seeing. That's a movie for big people. It's not the same movie."
"I know, Mom, but I just want to leave now. Please. Please can we leave?"
I'm like well crap. How does this work? This has never happened to me before.
I find a girl that looks offical and I'm like "Okay so here's the deal. As we were walking to our theater, the theater next door to a kid's movie that is playing the DEVIL had it's doors wide open and the sounds coming out of there scared the crap out of my son. He is freaked out and doesn't want to stay to watch the movie. What do I do?"
"Oh I'm so sorry! That is no problem! Just go back to the box office and they will refund your tickets."
So we go back outside and stand in line again to refund our tickets. At this point Eric isn't back yet so Bro and I spent the next 25 minutes sitting outside of the movie theater eating movie popcorn and drinking a cherry Icee. The popcorn and Icee was pretty good. The people watching was even pretty good. The only problem is it was a little chilly but we survived.
So FYI to anyone that works at the movies theater...don't put scray movies next door to the kids movies. Oh and shut the doors for crap's sake! I don't even want to hear it!
Sometimes I wish my blog was anonymous so I could tell ALL of my funny stories. I would have you rolling about how I ate Cinnabon for the first time in years yesterday and how my stomach DID NOT like it and I had to stop at Target (where they were closing and trying to kick me out) and Reasor's where I was in the only stall with toilet paper. But I'll not tell you about THAT story! ;)
This weekend is my brother-in-law's birthday! It should be fun!
I think I'll be a good daughter tomorrow and help my mom paint. I kind of like to paint!
Well I'm off to pick up the house. It's amazing how quickly two boys can destroy a house that was clean yesterday.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Venus said...

Okay, if you like movie theater popcorn you wil LOVE popcorn from Target!! It is so buttery and delicious! I think I need some now :-)