Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Oh My Fonts

Fonts are awesome. I love them. I probably have hundreds of them. I use them every time I do a scrapbook layout or pretty much any project. My handwriting is okay, but I can type and print journaling much quicker than I can write it.
I use Microsoft Word to print almost everything I do. Journaling is usually the very last thing I do on a layout. Printing and adding journaling strips to my layouts is super fast and easy. If you have always wanted to try it you should! I'm thinking about doing a how-to for journaling strips. I might do that tomorrow!
Today, though, I'm sharing how I made my super easy and super helpful Font Folder! I hope this helps someone out there who loves fonts as much as I do!
I used to just scroll through the font list in Word until I found the one I wanted to use, but when my list started to grow I realized I needed a better way to find the font that best fit my project. I came up with the perfect solution!

I went into Microsoft Word and I simply typed out the font's name in the font plus Brodey's name at the end. (adding his name just gives me more of a sample of the font plus his name is on almost every layout I do anyway)

I type everything out in 28 point unless it's difficult to read and I change it to 36 point. It has to be large enough for me to quickly scan over to find the font I want.

I then printed it out and put it in a presentation folder.

When I need to find a font I just flip through until I find the one I want to use! I don't bother to put them in alphabetical order because when I am searching for a font I am simply looking for a style I want to use.

Every time I download new fonts I just go back to my document, type the new fonts out, and add them to my binder. Once I have printed my new fonts I put the date at the bottom so that I know when I last added the new fonts. (This is just in case you forget to print out new fonts you have downloaded)

It's that simple! I use my font folder every time I use my fonts for a project. It saves so much time! You can do the same thing if you use dingbats!
The fonts I use most often are my Creating Keepsakes fonts. They are the ones with the CK in front. I used to get them all at Scrap N Fonts but they no longer sell the CK fonts. You can actually download the CK fonts for free if you are a Club CK member. When you pay for a subscription to CK Scrapbooking Tips and Tricks Magazine you become a Club member and you can go onto the website and download the fonts for free. That is an awesome magazine, not only because I contribute hehe, but because it is filled to the brim with awesome ideas for pages and tips to make your scrapping life easier.
I still purchase most of my fonts from Scrap N Fonts. They are actually having a $1 sale right now. They have great fonts plus lots of other fun digital goodies!
Well I hope I made your font life a little easier! ;) If you have any questions about my Font Folder just leave me a comment!
Check back in tomorrow for the journaling strips how-to!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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momma ferg said...

I am love-love-loving you posts on scrappin' tips!! I love hearing about Brodey too!! HA! Keep it up girl! We can all the any help we can get!