Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Student of the Month

**WARNING: bragging straight ahead!**
Like most kids Brodey is excellent at school and a terror at home. I say terror, but he really isn't that bad. He has his moments of not listening and doing things just to get a reaction. At school he is an entirely different kid.
Every time Mrs Tuck or Mrs Delmetico(her part time assistant) tell me how "absolutely perfect" he is I have to say "well I'm glad he saves all the bad for when he gets home!"
This afternoon I got a text from Mrs Tuck that said "Our students of the month for October is...Brodey and Tessa! Woohoo!!!"
I was like wow but I wasn't sure if it was just random or actually earned. So I was like "Oh my gosh really!?! That's awesome! What did he do to deserve that?"
She said "He's just a great kid who listens and tries really hard for his teacher! I feel very fortunate to have him in my class. :) "
AW! It brought tears to my eyes! As a mom I can't help but worry about how he acts when he isn't with me. I also can't help but feel like a lot of how well he acts is due to Mrs Tuck and Mrs Delmetico. They are super awesome and I feel lucky to have them with Brodey during the day!
He is now playing in the living room singing "Student of the Month is cool. Student of the Month is cool." Hahaha!
He says he will "get Student of the Month" tomorrow so I guess we will have to see! I'll try to take some pics!
Well that's all to report today!
I must go finish laundry and start dinner! Hamburger steak for dinner with peppers, mushrooms, and onions! Yum! I told ya we eat healthy 'round here!
Goodnight and happy humpday!

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