Friday, September 10, 2010

A Good Laugh

(This pic is from 2008 and I still think it's hilarious.)
So I'm browsing the aisles of WalMart this morning while checking my email and I had to bust out laughing! Apparently I'm not the only one who has had a bad Supercuts experience. ;)
When I post on my blog it automatically feeds to my Facebook through Networked Blogs and for some reason it puts my post into a Note. Sometimes people will comment on my blog posts on Facebook but oh my gosh I was cracking up when I read the comments from last night's post. After reading those comments I promise to never take my poor child to Supercuts ever again. I'm sorry if you happen to work at Supercuts and if you do you should find another salon. People apparently don't like Supercuts.
I actually drive two hours to get my own hair cut. The same man has been cutting my hair since I was 10. That's a long time and I have never cheated. I walk in and sit down and he does his thing. I love him. So I guess it's pretty bad I take my kid to Supercuts.
Anyone who lives in my area know of a good barber shop? I really wish I could do it myself. That has never turned out well in the past. Eric and I tried once and it was hilarious. You can read about it HERE. I wish my internet was good enough that I could post the video on YouTube of that haircut incident. He looked ridiculous and went running around the yard and wouldn't let Eric finish. Good times. I would just buzz it off like we did then, but I don't think Bro looks so great with a buzz cut. Nothing against buzz's just not for him. So I'm on the lookout for a new hair place! :)
I just got in the new tie shirts I ordered for Bro. He is just about to outgrow his and I just couldn't imagine life without a tie shirt. I got him a super cute brown one and a long sleeved one with a red tie. I'm going to use it for the Christmas pics I will take and never send out. ;) Every time he wears the tie shirt people ask me where I got it. The last time Brodey wore his to school he said everyone liked it...and I mean everyone. The Etsy store I get them at is called Super Sweet Creations and I have linked it over on the side tab of my blog under My Favorite Shops. She uses good quality materials and her shipping is quick.
I finished the Journaling Strip How To but I'm going to post it in another post so it's easier to find if you are searching it.
Well I'm off to put my clean sheets on the bed. Uh I LOVE me some clean sheets!!! It's the best!
We will be staying around here this weekend. We have to go to Tulsa and who knows what else we will do. It will be nice to not have to pack up and go anywhere!
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!

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