Thursday, September 09, 2010

Supercuts Drama

Well I didn't get the journaling strip how-to done. I didn't get to go to the grocery store. I didn't get to cook dinner either. All because I had to take Bro to get a haircut.
It's been a long time coming. He has been a little mushroom head for about a week now. He really hates getting his hair cut. He used to love it because I would take him to Snip Its in OKC and those girls would whip that haircut out in under a minute! There is no Snip Its in Tahlequah OR Muskogee so I would take him to Supercuts and hope that the girl did a good job. Not today.
He didn't want to get a haircut but I had talked him into it and he just walked right in and got up in the chair. I thought okay this is going to be fine.
I always put a little gel in the front of his hair and spike it up. (I know it's time for a haircut when he starts to do the wave in front like Brandon Walsh from 90210) Well this morning it was pretty unruly so I had to gel it a little around the back. Well the haircut lady didn't even comb it out before she started in with the clippers. She goes up the back of his head and the clippers grab a clump of gel. His eyes got big and he just went "ouch."
I'm like "well we just came from school so we didn't have time to comb it out or wet it down...." HINT HINT
She didn't take the hint and goes for it again with the clippers. They grab another clump and he screams. I can tell he is getting pretty ticked off and he gives me the "I'm almost done with this crap" look.
I'm telling him "it's okay you will be fine" and third time's a charm. Her clippers grab another clump of hair and all hell breaks loose. I seriously had flashbacks from the shots at the health department (can't remember if I blogged about that one and if not I HAVE to).
He is screaming "I'm NOT DOING THIS ANYMORE" as he is literally ripping off the cape (which was an ADULT sized cape anyway). He jumps out of the chair and runs for the front door.
I'm trying to remain calm while I am thinking we can't leave with a 1/3 chilly bowl haircut and I wonder how she would react if I grabbed her icky ponytail and yanked it! She is actually acting surprised and not once does she apologize.
I finally pry him away from the front door and get him back over to the chair. I'm like "Okay I'm pretty sure at this point we need to comb it out...DON'T you think?"
So I get it combed out and realize I'm going to just have to sit and hold him while she finishes.
It was NOT fun. I have no idea how you guys do it. I had hair EVERYWHERE. I had hair in my bra. I had hair all over my face. I had hair stuck to the insides of my elbows. I'm not usually a spaz (no really I'm not!) but that hair had me on the edge of a mental breakdown. It was everywhere. My antibacterial wipes couldn't even get it off! We finally left with a haircut that Eric had to fix when he got home and I'm sure they were happy to see us go.
I had promised Bro we would trade in some games and pick out a new one at GameStop and I had to look funny in there waiting on him to pick one out. I wanted to get down on the carpeted floor and roll around like a dog that has found something dead. I had red splotches all over me and needless to say there was no way I was going to go to WalMart in that state. It was bad.
So no WalMart meant no cooked dinner because I cleaned out the pantry with last night's. The boys were more than happy to eat leftover spaghetti and I got to eat cereal for dinner! I was pretty excited!
Uh just typing about hair makes me get all itchy. Uh.
Well I'm off to bed. No storms tonight thank goodness and I'm hair free.
I can't believe it's already Friday! Wow!
Well have a good night!

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