Thursday, September 16, 2010

There and Back

Woo! I did some driving today! Four hours of driving! It was well worth it!
Not only did I get my hair did but I also got to see my parents! This is good even if it was only for about two hours! ;)
I left this morning for Shawnee right after I took Bro to school at 8. I headed back and pulled into his school just in time to pick him up! Just there and back. Kind of a bummer because I usually like to shop around a bit or sit down and eat with my parents! At least I got to see them though!
I never mind to drive. Eric is the one that has to fly to Dallas to avoid driving. I would drive us there and back if he would sit through it. I used to drive to OKC every weekend and back to Holdenville in the summer. Ever since I was 16. I have logged many hours driving my Aunt Karen through various states and am usually the designated night driver on trips with anyone. I prefer to drive at night. I can get anywhere with a paper map, but I can't promise I can get you back! ;) (backtracking is not my best skill)
I'm pretty sure the hours I have logged are why I have road rage. I say road rage but it isn't like I try to chase anyone down with a gun. I just get angry and frustrated when people can't drive. It isn't that difficult. Don't cut people off. Stay in the right lane if you aren't passing someone. Share the road with people who are yielding onto the highway. And cruise control is your friend. So are your blinkers. Can you tell I have many driving pet peeves?
I think it boils down to being courteous to other drivers and simply paying attention. People get in a hurry and don't think about anyone around them. That's why accidents happen. So pay attention and be courteous people out there on the road!!! (applause)
Okay I'm over it! :)
Brodey and Eric have to dine on leftovers tonight! Don't feel sorry for them! They have crockpot Italian chicken, noodle salad, mashed potatoes, and chocolate chip banana bread. Yes they are well fed! I want to share the chocolate chip banana bread recipe but that will have to wait until tomorrow! I have GNO (AKA Girls Night Out which was formerly Bunco) tonight! Wahoo! Can't wait! We always have fun!
Well I'm off to do what I would have done today if I hadn't been on I-40!
Have a wonderful Thursday! Tomorrow is Friday! Yeah!

P.S. No I didn't wear a swimsuit to get my hair done! Hehe! This photo is from this summer! Brodey is having so much fun in the back he needs to calm down! ;)

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