Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here you go Mumu!

Okay here he is Mumu! I had to post these pics because Brod and Rene were at home and I couldn't wait for them to see Brodey's hair! LOL The top photo is his before shot, the middle is well the middle, and the last photo is his after.
Do you notice that it's sunny when we started and not sunny when we were done? That's because in the middle Brodey decided to stop cooperating. FUN. He ran off and all Eric had done was buzz off the middle. He looked like a little old man with a balding middle and long sides. It was so freaking hilarious that I couldn't even walk or hold the video camera to take pictures! Eric was laughing so hard he couldn't keep his hand steady to finish!
We finally got done and Brodey took a dunk in the pool to get the hair off before coming in and taking an actual bath. He looks pretty cute. My mom suggested that I glue his cut hair on his chin so he would look like Uncle Mike. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Well that hair was all in the grass and is NASTY. So I'm searching for a washable marker to draw on a goatee. LOL Uncle Mike might get a kick out of that!
I promised I would post more and I will! I'm off to finish cleaning house!


The Christenson's said...

He is stil adorable!!

~Kim said...

Oh April, he looks all grown up! So adorable....looks like you had a good time doing it too!


Lisa S. said...

To cute!! As adorable as he was before with his longer hair, I think he is just GORGEOUS with the short hair!! His eyes are amazing!

Cindy said...

I love his short haircut. He looks like such a big boy.

Sooz said...

He is too cute! I love his new haircut.

Trisha said...

He looks so cute! We shaved Gage's Tuesday night. I immediately regretted it because now he looks like a big boy instead of my toddler. It looks good, though!