Thursday, August 21, 2008

If These Walls Could Talk...

Well mine can! LOL I got another order in today from Uppercase Living! I was so excited! I had to put a couple of them up! The first one I put up was the one I bought to go on the vent hood of my stove. I have this massive beast of a stove and I thought an expression would look perfect up there. It gets pretty darn hot, so we will have to see how it holds up! It says "Kitchen the Heart of the Home."
The second one I put up is a little one I got to go on the door of my pantry. It looks like it was made to go there! I'm SO happy how it turned out! Wood has been the easiest place to apply them. The stainless steel vent hood took me a long time. If I had someone to help me, it would have gone so much quicker! I was in a hurry, though!
I also got in the enormous one for Brodey's room. I'll HAVE to have help for that one. My parents promise they are going to come tomorrow. I might have to recruit my Mom to help me! I'm waiting to paint my laundry room before putting the one up in there. I'll be placing another order soon for more stuff I want! Let me know if you want anything! The link to the catalog is in my link list! E-mail me at!
Oh AWESOME news to share!!!! I will have something in the Basic Grey September newsletter! This is a pretty big deal! I'm so excited! I can't share what it is yet, but if you don't get their newsletter and you REALLY should! It's always packed with cute ideas! I have been using their products since I first started. If I had to only choose one company's supplies to use forever it would be their's! So obviously I'm pretty stoked about this!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!
Okay enough celebrating! I'm headed to bed! I hope my parents get to come tomorrow! I'm lonely! :(
Have a good night!


Keysha said...

okay, i am so loving your uppercase living stuff you have up so far. might have to get me some talking walls pretty soon....
and super congrats on the news from basic grey! how does all that work? so you send in a pic? just curious.

Lisa S. said...

April ~ I'm soooo envious of your "beast" of a stove! Your uppercase stuff looks great!