Saturday, August 09, 2008

"This was a good day!" ~ Brodey

I would have to agree with the little man! :) That's what Brodey said to us when we got home tonight!
I'm sitting here typing and the poor kitty cats are on the front porch! It's about to storm and there is some psycho dog barking down the hill. I want to let them in SO bad! Eric would go nuts! His nose would instantly start running like you turned on a faucet!
It's so nice out here right now. It can't be above 70 degrees outside and I have the window open here in the office. The little black kitten is up in the window looking at me. I tried to take a picture but she is too black to see. She rubs againt the screen trying to get me to pet her! I'll have to go give them some petting time when I finish posting!
Brodey slept with Mumu last night,(that's what Brodey calls Eric's mom.) so Eric and I got to sleep in until about 10 this morning. When we finally got up Mumu and Bro were all ready to go! Bro was all excited because Mumu was going to take him to town to buy a toy! That started his day off just right! LOL He got a toy shotgun. (Okay big lightening strike. I hope the electicity doesn't go out. Geez.) He has been playing with it all day and even took a nap with it! Haha!
While he took a nap today Mumu and I got to do one of our favorite things!!! Go to the flea markets! There are at least 6 really good ones in and towards Tahlequah and there are so dang many we haven't been able to get to in and around Muskogee!! (I live in between the two towns.) We hardly get to do this because we can't take Brodey with us. Breakables, close quarters, and the little man just don't mix! I found THE best stuff!!! The photos aren't the greatest, but I was in a hurry to take them before we went to eat dinner!!!
The first place we went was The Speckled Hen!

That is the best one! We both love it and we do not leave without something! There is always new stuff when we go and the guys that work there are so helpful! I got these four CUTE coffee cups and this old Chinese Checkers board. They are going in Brodey's room....but where I don't know yet! They might end up in the pool table room if we ever find a pool table! LOL

When we were done there we headed to one we have never been to called Mama Ruby's. We tried to go once before, but it was closed so we were determined to make this one today! This is another flea market and it's actually in Tahlequah. The outisde looks pretty junky, but it was so clean and organized! I found these two fun and inspiring albums and three beautiful plates. The albums will go in frames somewhere. I haven't decided yet. They might end up in the scrap room or in my closet. Who knows where the plates will go. I have this thing for pretty plates. Two of them are VERY old and have Queen Victoria on them. The other is a white plate with flowers. I love them!

The third and final one we went to is an awesome antique mall called the Briar Patch. The first time we came here was on our way to the Stawberry Festival back in 2002. We kept talking about it, but we couldn't remember where it was. When I moved here we drove past it and could not believe it was less than 3 miles from my house! LOL

I am SO SO SO excited about the table cloth I got here! It is SO cool! I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but I am in love! It is in perfect condition and it's so big it was hard for me to get a good shot of the whole thing! I took some up close pics so you could see how beautiful the colors are! I LOVE it!

The other pretty I got there was the little girl! I couldn't leave without her! She is in my closet for the moment, but who knows where she will go next week!
Today was such a fun day! I wish we could go more often! There are so many places for us to go in Muskogee!
We ate at the best place in Cookson tonight! I have a few more pics, but it's starting to lightening pretty bad! I'm going to have to go for tonight! I'll post the exciting (haha) conclusion to our day tomorrow!
Have a safe and fun Saturday night!!!

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