Monday, August 04, 2008

A Quiet Weekend & a New Obsession

It was the first quiet weekend for me in ages! It was awesome!! No drama...just fun!
Friday night Eric's mom came to stay! Yeah! We got up Saturday and after I cooked breakfast we went to Tulsa. We actually went to look at cars, but I had to take advantage and to by the mall! I had a coupon for Victoria's Secret and you can bet I was gonna use it! I got a free pair of panties, more panties that weren't free, and a really cute pink dress. I got the new girl at VS, but I was really nice and patient. I SWEAR!!! The poor girl was so nervous. This was tax free weekend, school starting, AND the first of the month. The mall was a mad house and this poor girl was learning the ropes on one of the worst days of the year. It was kind of bumpy, but okay until I get home and realize that she didn't take off the huge plastic sensor on my dress! :( I have no idea why it didn't go off when I left the store and some huge guy tackle me! I guess I'll have to wait and take it back when I go next. No way am I going to try to take that stupid thing off myself and get ink all over the dress. Everyone would be like "Hello! Did you steal that!?!?!" LOL!
Okay besides that minor setback I also made it by Yankee Candle, The Body Shop, in and out of the Gap (I know a FIRST for me), and to the As Seen on TV store. Yes that's right. I had to stop by and get the Pancake Puffer! It's so cool! I tried it out on Saturday and it's so much fun! It makes pancakes into these cute little bitesize puffs! It was a good mall trip!
After that we were supposed to make it by a couple of dealerships, but one closed early and Eric was pretty mad. He got over it finally and we went to eat and were suppoed to go to a movie. That diddn't happen. The movie theater by the mall we went to was not so inviting. Let's just say it was fun to people watch...for about 10 seconds. We have to find a good movie theater somewhere in Tulsa. If you have a suggestion, PLEASE let me know!!!

Sunday was a perfectly lazy day. We all swam for a long time. No that isn't a little girl that looks like Brodey in the photo. Haha! His good floaties blew away and these were left behind by the previous owners. Doesn't he look good in pink? Teehee!
I need to get his hair cut something fierce, but he isn't into it. He got used to going when we lived in Edmond. I can't find a good place to take him around here so I usually let him get it cut when I get mine done. When we went on Wednesday he wouldn't let them do it. I think it's because my parents were there and he didn't want a stupid haircut cutting into his Nan and Papa time! Eric and I keep talking about buzzing it off, but we haven't got the guts up yet.

Behold my new obsession. Uppercase Living. This is just a teeny tiny tip of the iceberg.

My start-up kit came today and I got a bunch of different samples. I HAD to try one out! This one is a tad bit too small for this space, but I just had to do it! It was so easy! It's just like applying a rub-on but easier! I am totally addicted! I can't wait until my order comes in from Erin's party!
In a couple of days I will be able to open my own Uppercase Living website! So excited!!

I say this as my right hand is still throbbing. When I got home today from town I opened the gate like I normally do. This time, though, the UPS man had placed my Uppercase Living package on the inside of the gate and it had fallen down. When the gate opened it caught on the box and wouldn't open all the way. I jumped out of the car and tried to pull it out. Not possible. The package weighed 31 pounds and was HUGE. I could hear the gate trying to open and I just knew it was going to burn the motor up or something. (Ha I can hear Eric now blaming the gate blowing up on another one of my "hobbies." LMAO!!) It was so stinkin' hot outside and I was burning up in my black dress and trying to pry this box out when I decided to just rip it open and pull out the insides to slip it out from underneath. Ha! I got one good rip and when I went to rip again my hand slipped and slammed right into the gate motor. MAN it hurt! I busted the blood vessels all in the right side of my right hand. If you have ever done that you KNOW how bad that throbs. I was so mad at this point that I actually pulled it out and the stupid gate opened and then closed itself. It was so worth it, though! Haha! There were a ton of goodies inside!
Okay I am headed to bed. We have to get up early in the morning because after a few failed attempts the piano tuner is coming! She says it will take 3 hours. Fun.
Have an awesome Tuesday!


Lisa S. said...

April, you crack me up!

I haven't been yet but I've heard a great movie theater is the new one in Jenks. Apparently, people have not discovered that one yet and you can get right in to a movie on a Friday or Saturday night!

erin said...

April, LOVE your 'rubon' on the wall!!! AWESOME! My order is being shipped TODAY!!! Should have in by Thursday! Let me know when you will be at the store and I will ahve it there for you!

amber said...

i don't know which theater you went to...i'm guessing the one by woodland hills mall. there are also 2 theaters around 41st & yale. there's one at promenade mall (in the mall) and one across the street from the mall, behind the ulta/barnes and noble shopping center. happy movie watching! :)

~Kim said...

For a theatre recommendation, I would say Promenade Mall....however after going to the new Warren Theatre in Moore, NO theatre compares to it! (Yet another reason you shouldn't have leave the OKC area). I'm sure it won't be long and Tulsa with get one.

OUCH on your hand...I can just picture you pulling stuff out of the box right there in the driveway....good thing you live out in the country as I'm sure your neighbors would think you were a little off! : )


The Christenson's said...

Okay, so now I see what it is...I read your other blogs. You did a lot of blogging since I looked just the other day!! I am caught up now. I want some Uppercase Living stuff!!!!