Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Babies on Sale..Aisle 2

Brodey was watching the first of Tarzan today where the mommy gorilla finds him as a baby. Brodey has this dazed expression with a smile and says:
"That baby is so cute. I want to play with him. I want one."
I say "You want a baby?"
"Yes I want a baby. I want a baby brother."
I say "Well I don't think Daddy will go for that."
"Well I'm gonna get one."
I say "Well where do you think you are going to get one?"
"I'm going to go get one at the grocery store."
He is totally serious and says this last line as if I'm an idiot. Don't I know all babies come from the grocery store? How could I be so stupid?!
He has been obsessed with babies every since he saw Keith's little baby girl. He wants a baby brother so bad. He even says he will take a baby sister! HA! How do I explain to him that the return policy for a real baby isn't the same as a pair of shoes?
The little guy really cracks me up sometimes. He is a mess the rest of the time, but it's conversations like this that make me love him even more. Is that even possible?

Speaking of Brodey being a mess, he has given up nap time. It started about a month ago. I thought at first it was just a phase and he would start taking naps again. Nope. He wakes up around 8:30 or 9am and falls asleep at about 7 or 8 in the evening. Now don't get me wrong he goes pretty much nonstop all day, but he does take rests. I guess he has rest time now instead of nap time. I actually tried to lay down with him today and ended up falling asleep MYSELF! I guess if he wants to take a nap he will.

The piano tuner came today bright and early. I had to actually wake Brodey up. He is such a pill to wake up. I know I know just wait until he starts school. I think of when I used to have to wake my brother up. It was horrible. I would strip all the sheets off his bed and drag them into the living room so he would get up. Okay back to piano tuner lady. She was VERY nice. I felt bad because I'm not even sure the piano has even been tuned before. My mom said it has, but she also said who knows if they did a good job.
She was here for over 3 hours. I felt bad. She said the piano does have beautiful tones, though. That's good. My Meme bought me this piano when she wanted me to start taking lessons. I was about 4. They don't even remember who they bought it from, but the piano lady said that it was built around 1950. I had no idea it was that old. It certainly doesn't look it! Thank you Meme for taking such good care of it!
Oh yes and do you notice all that wall space above where the piano goes? Oh yes! I have big plans for that wall! The plans include this huge awesome metal thing I got at Hobby Lobby and an Uppercase Living expression about music! I'm waiting to get that in before hanging up the metal thing! I can't wait!!!
Okay I was talking to Jen earlier and I was supposed to get off and go clean up the dinner mess. I posted this instead. Hehe! I am off to clean up now, I promise!!!!


Blissful Nikki said...

I have had that same conversation with my daughter, wh doesnt realize that Im not married and not having any more kids in the near future. She told me she would just get one from one of her friend's moms! Yeah...that sounds good to me! hehe

~Kim said...

Is there something in the air about 2 year olds wanting a new baby around? Kensington has told me atleast 5 times in the past week that she wants a baby. I am so not even getting into that debate with her. I am totally content (and exhausted) with just her!!!

Can't wait to see what you do above that beautiful piano. I so wish I would have learned to play....maybe someday!


Sooz said...

That is so sweet about Brodey. I think they all go into wanting a baby sister or brother. I so remember that piano. It is beautiful and looks perfect on that wall.

Becky said...

Oh, I sure miss naptime too! Taylan quit taking naps when she was about 18 months!
I wish Taylan still wanted a sibling. Don't wait too long :)

The Christenson's said...

That's why we have no babies...I hear the return policy is awful!! HA!!!
I love that he thinks he can get a baby at the grocery store. Those comments are the stuff memories are made of!