Monday, August 25, 2008

Monkeys, Rain, & Sam's Oh My!

Well I'm back. You knew I would be. It was a busy weekend. I was hoping for quiet and relaxing. Nope.
Friday I did not finish the laundry room. Eric DID go get me a ladder! And he DID save $10! He was so proud! ;) I didn't finish because I met my parents in Tulsa. They had to go to Sam's and get some things for the store. I thought I would go up early and stop by the scrapbook convention. I wasn't going to make a trip to go, but since Mom and Dad were coming I thought why not? BAD IDEA!
On Thursday when I went and got my paint at Lowe's Bro was SO good. I didn't have to put the leash on him (it's a monkey backpack with a long tail which I guess is a leash since when I take him to Petsmart the cashiers try to give him puppy snacks) and he did so well. He stayed right with me and didn't give me one second of trouble. I was thinking (I know I shouldn't do that) that maybe...just maybe...he would be good at the convention. WRONG. Boy was I wrong. He was HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. I have no idea why. He never acts like that in public but he was so bad. I was so embarrassed. I saw people I knew (sorry about the bad little boy) and I couldn't do anything. I'm sure all the women in there were wondering "What was she THINKING?" Well I'll tell you. I was actually thinking that my kid would behave. I was wrong okay? I was able to go to 2 booths and I left. I gave up. It wasn't worth it.
As soon as I got him in the car seat he fell asleep. Surprised? Me neither. Luckily my parents felt pity for me so I ran back in when they got to Sam's. I left Brodey with them and I went back. I left with two sacks. I'm laughing right now because all that for 2 bags.
I went back to one booth and the guy was like "Oh! You're back huh? We were just laughing about your son."
I'm like "Glad SOMEONE thinks it's funny."
He said "Oh I have a two year old and we thought it was hilarious! It's a monkey! Hahahaha!!!"
I was like "HUH?"
He said "Oh you were so mad you probably don't remember. The lady standing behind you asked if that was a backpack on his back and he turned to her and said "It's a monkey" like she was an idiot! Hahahahaha!!!"
I had to laugh. I couldn't even remember that happening. Thank goodness people have a sense of humor! I sure didn't at that time!
So I go back to Sam's and he is acting like my normal little Brodey. Maybe scrapbook conventions turn him into a monster? Or maybe Eric bribed him to act like that in hopes that I would leave and not spend any money? That sounds right.
I did get back to Sam's and Mom and Dad said that someone recognized Brodey. She said they read my blog. Okay! Fess up! Who was it that saw Brodey? I'm dying to know! I was quizzing her and I couldn't figure it out from her clues! :)
Whomever you are you probably noticed that Brodey LOVES Sam's. I think it's because my Dad lets him "help" him load up groceries. Bro gets to walk around and they let him push the flat cart. This is funny because it's almost so heavy I can't push it! LOL But Bro's favorite part is loading up! I have always hated this part the most. I've been going for 20 years with them to Sam's and it still stinks loading up. I took a pic of Bro in the back of the Tahoe on all the pop. He cracks me up!
Well we finally got vehicles! BUT I won't have mine until Saturday. I got a sporty Tahoe. It's fun and it will haul all my good flea market finds! I'm pretty excited about that! That took up all day Saturday. It was a bummer because I didn't get to stay long at Just 4 Keeps. I did get to eat some AWESOME food, though! (Eric still doesn't know, by the way! Hehe!) I am dying to know who made the oriental salads! There was one with peanuts and one with sunflower seeds. I want the recipes SO BAD!!!
Today was kind of a weird day. I had all these things planned to do and it just didn't happen. I DID, however, get the laundry room done! I am SO happy with how it turned out.In the photos I took you can't really tell what color it is. It's a shade of purple that makes my tiles and formica look SO much better. I HATED the tile. Well okay hate is pretty strong....I just wouldn't have picked it out. It took me a while to choose the shade I wanted. I had to get several paint samples and try to see which one looked the best with the tile and formica. I'm so happy with the color I chose!Good thing cause it ain't gettin' painted again for a long time! :) I probably should have waited until I finished decorating before I posted pics. Oh well. I have to wait a while to put up my Uppercase Living expressions. I'm afraid I will mess up the paint if I do it too soon. They will look SO good! They will be white on my purple wall! SO cool!
So at today we were going to just chill at the house and maybe swim. It was SO hot! I was standing up at the sink cleaning up breakfast and I thought I heard a clap of thunder. I thought no way. I look up out the patio doors and it is POURING down rain. What? Where did that come from? It poured off and on for at least an hour. It popped up out of nowhere. It rained hard enough that we lost satellite reception and it filled the pool back up! Eric was happy he didn't have to pay to put more water in it. LOL The pic at the top of the post is of the rain. It actually got a little scary at one point. I have a pic, but I can't find it.
I'm going to have to share the rest of the weekend happenings and pics tomorrow. So I guess this be continued. Didn't you hate when sitcoms would do that? Like Saved by the Bell? So annoying.
I started this post at 12:30 and it's 1:20. I better go to bed so I can get up in the morning.
Until tomorrow!


Lisa S. said...

Ok ~ it was Me!! I'm the one who recognized Brodey in Sams. The second I saw him I knew right away that was him! I haven't met you guys yet but through the J4K website, your scrapbook layouts and this blog, I feel like I know you both already. The funny part was that I was just telling Doug that morning on the trip to Tulsa about Brodey and his cute little haircut. I promise I'm not a stalker ;) One time I was looking at your blog and Doug came to see what I was looking at online. He saw a picture of Brodey and we both were commenting on what a beautiful child he is.
That morning on the trip to Tulsa, I remembered Brodey's new haircut and I happened to mention it to Doug and guess what ~ we ran into Brodey in Sams. Funny how those things happen.

~Kim said...

HAHA! That is hilarious! I may have recognized him, but the shyness probably would have run over and I wouldn't have said anything.

My momma works at Sam's so are in there A if I ever see ya, I'll say HI.

Can't wait to see your new Tahoe...I have one too and I swear that I can't/won't ever drive anything smaller....yes even with gas at $3.50/gallon!

LOVE your laundry are quite the decorator April.


Sooz said...

Brodey looks so like he's wishing the rain away in the first picture. Its funny when you run into people that you know you read their blogs. I've met about 4 different people in Little Rock and their kiddos that way.
Love the color in your laundry room. Looks great! I think all of our walls are one color with a different color of crown molding. We have plans to build soon so I wouldn't want to kill myself painting anything. Ha!