Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Love...I Hate

I don't watch TV during the day. Brodey has dibs on it and I'm not into Little Bear, Maggie, Backyardigans, or Diego. Nightime is my TV time. When Brodey falls asleep I hit LIST and all of my favorite recorded episodes are there for me to watch and fast forward through commercials. :)
I LOVE Shear Genius! I was a loyal fan of season 1, and season 2 is pretty good! Daniel is my fave this season! I would SO let him do my hair! (Don't tell Mike! HEHE!)
Another one of my faves is Project Runway! Season 5 is on now. I have watched since season 2. I love it because it's so inspiring! I want to scrapbook after every episode! LOL
My other DVR faves are 90210. I am 20 episodes behind. I know I know. I'll catch up some day! I also like I Love Money on VH1. It cracks me up!
Okay enough TV talk. I got my new address stamp in from Sweet Paperie and I LOVE it! I know several of you wanted to know how I liked it once I got it in! It is excellent quality and it is exactly how I wanted it! It came in super cute packaging, too! Only one of my bills has the option of auto debit. So I get the pleasure of mailing most of my bills. My new little stamp makes it a little more fun! ;)
Another thing I love is living out here. I really do. There are a ton of things I miss, but I love it here. EXCEPT when I am woken up by BOB WHITE. BOB WHITE. I SWEAR that stupid quail was sitting on top of Eric's head screaming BOB WHITE into my ear. I am totally serious when I say I could have killed the stupid bird with my bare hands. I (clearly) get very angry when things disturb my sleep.
Like the stupid Army base that shoots unknown weapons all night long. I think Eric told me it's called Camp Gruber. It's so far away and there are hills between us but you can still hear it. I wonder if it's what it sounds like for the troops in Iraq. Well except I'm not fearing for my life. They sometimes shoot all night long. The first time I heard it I thought someone was dragging their driveway. (Okay where I live my parents have a dirt/gravel driveway and my dad had to drag it with the box blade on the tractor to smooth it out. Thank goodness our driveway is paved.) So anyway the "dragging" went on for hours. I thought man either they have a really messed up driveway or it's something else. Eric finally told me what it was. It's so loud and sometimes they blow stuff up. Freaky.
Gosh I love walking down the driveway to get the mail with Brodey. When it gets nasty and cold we are either going to have to bundle up or quit doing it. That makes me sad to think of the things we will have to stop doing. It's going to be a challenge to think of new things to do in the house. We don't have Quail Springs Mall a few miles away anymore! So sad!
Okay I am off to bed now. The racoons woke Eric up in the middle of the night last night. We have a baker's rack outside by our bedroom windows that holds the pool stuff. Well it also holds the corn cobs we put up in the woods for the squirrels. The racoons found them and were having a late night snack...on the TOP of the baker's rack!!! Eric had to make them leave. Which reminds me he didn't bring them in like I asked him to. Geez. Off to do that and then off to bed! Hopefully no racoons or quail will disturb my sleep! Haha!


The Christenson's said...

Love that black and white pic of Brodey on the porch! Too cute! And I love love love your stamp!!

Sooz said...

Love the stamp! The black and white of Brodey is adorable.
Hope you got some good undisturbed sleep.

Cindy said...

Daniel is my fav on Shear Genius as well. However I think it is kind of funny (mean but funny) when Charlie gets bored and starts picking on someone. :)