Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yes Your Highness

That came out of Brodey's mouth today. Don't you even ask me where that came from. I have no idea. He had to have heard it on a cartoon...or maybe Eric said it under his breath. LOL It happened today when we were in the scrapbook room and Brodey wanted to watch a movie.
"Turn the power on. You know how to do that."
He sits there and pushes the power button over and over.
I'm like "Don't do that!!! You are going to break the tv!"
"Yes your highness." My mouth drops to the floor.
He says it all sweet is what makes me laugh my butt off. Now if he had said it smart like I would have....well it wouldn't have been pretty. I couldn't even believe that came out of his mouth.
Then I put his pillow down so he could watch his movie (secretly hoping he would fall asleep) and it's flat.
"It's too flat." He says. "I can't see the tv."
I go and get a little pillow off the chair and stick it underneath. "Is that better?"
"Perfect Mommy."
I would have walked to the end of the Earth to get that pillow just to hear that one!
Later on I was in here on the computer and I told him to go get his juice. He walks out the door and yells down the hall "What you doin' dragon?"
I starting CRACKING up! Then I felt bad because he came back in the office with that shy smile on his face. I said "What was that dragon doing?"
He says "I don't know I can't find him." Hahahaha!!!! Constant entertainment that boy! I didn't tell his Daddy about that last one. Bro likes to pretend to cook me stuff and let me eat it and Eric is worried about his "pretending." I'm like "Maybe if you pretended more as a child you would be more ENTERTAINING." Of course I'm kidding and he knows I'm kidding because he usually just laughs and jokes back.
He also laughs when I run into things. I seriously am afraid there is somthing wrong with my brain. I ran into three door frames today. A DOOR frame for crap's sake. How do you not see a door frame? I am always in awe at how I can run into the dumbest things. I either just don't pay attention or something is seriously wrong with my brain.
Oh I have to share my Uppercase Living design I did tonight! I have been wanting a monogram to go on one of Brodey's walls and I finally sat down and designed it today on the UL site. It's so easy and kind of fun! I took a pic of it with my camera. The expression I designed is two sets of letters in two colors and it's about 16x13 inches. The whole thing is only $9.95! If you want to design your own, go to my website in the upper lefthand corner of my blog under my profile. That links you to my site.
ALSO!!!! I will be placing an order next week. Probably on Wednesday. If you want anything LET ME KNOW!!! I won't have to charge you shipping if I can drop it off at Just 4 Keeps for you or if I can give it to you in person. If you live far away, I estimated someone's shipping at $4.50. Not bad! You can look at all the products on my site! E-mail me your order at!
Look at this terd! Can you believe this was taken in JANUARY? He looks little younger but not 8 months younger! Time sure flies, doesn't it?
Okay I'm getting off of here. I'm going to go pack so I don't have to do it tomorrow. We are going to the lake this weekend! YEEHA!!! Maybe I will get back some of that tan that is long gone! Wishful thinking. At least we get to ride the Taco!
Until tomorrow!

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Allie said...

Thank you for the sweet blog comment! I think I will pass on the tarantulas for now... :) I totally remember seeing your 'Thank You Backyardigans' LO and saying, "Cool, this chick's from Oklahoma!" Haha! Crazy. Love it. Super cool monogram... I may have to check it out. Happy weekend!